Yay, it’s December!! 

OK, OK, I know I haven’t stopped banging on about it being nearly Christmas for like weeks… But now it really, truly is almost Christmas! Over the weekend I celebrated my first Christmas party at Frankie and Bennies followed by bowling in Santa hats. 

I also put up the Christmas tree, which made me instantly happier. 

This morning, despite being in a massive rush to get the kids to school and nursery before work, I made sure me and the kids opened the first window of our advent calendars.

I am quite looking forward to tomorrow morning as I may have opened window number 2 and discovered a Lindt teddy (in my defence I am staying over Ed’s tonight so won’t have access to my actual calendar). 

I even managed to fit in a trip to the German bar at Bournemouth’s Christmas market last night when the beauty event I originally went to was so not worth the trip… 


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