Beauty – My Pre-Holiday Boots Haul 

As you may have gathered by now, I’m a huge fan of highstreet favourite Boots and I make all my beauty purchases from there. I’ve previously posted my money saving tips and other hauls, and I generally am a huge fan. 

Just before we headed out to Santorini, I had a little splurge on some beauty bits and I wanted to share them. 


I always buy these razors as they are brilliant. They last a few uses and give a smooth close shave unlike some disposables which tend to go blunt first time. They are also nice and bright. I know that doesn’t make them perform any better but I’m a sucker for bold colours. 
Makeup Brushes 

I wanted a new foundation brush as I wear it everyday and want to be able to wash them without waiting around for them to be dry. I love the Eco-Tools brand, they are eco friendly and the foundation brush is one of the best I’ve used. 

I ended up getting myself this mini brush set too as they look so pretty and will be good to have in Santorini. There was an offer on of buy one get one half price so together they came to £16 which wasn’t bad for good quality brushes! 

Hair Balm 

I had my hair cut before flying to Santorini but I wanted to keep my ends in perfect condition so I bought myself a conditioning balm to use over the bank holiday weekend before we flew out to give it an extra bit of TLC. 

I love the L’Oréal shampoo and conditioner, and the extraordinary oil is brilliant so I wanted to give this a go! 

I have been umming and ahhing for ages about getting myself the urban decay single eyeshadow in the shade ‘Verve’, which is the one I use most from my naked2 palette, but in the end I couldn’t justify £15 on one single shade, so instead I’m giving the no7 palette a go. 

It has similar shades to urban decay but in a smaller, easier to transport palette. The pigmentation seems pretty good as well, so fingers crossed it holds up. 

I also fell in love with my max factor lipstick so picked up another shade – ‘Rosewood’, which is a lovely subtle dark pinky colour. I’m going to be wearing it with a slick of gloss on my wedding night if the makeup artist lipstick wears off. 

As there was an offer on for no7 with a free gift when you purchase two products, I stocked back up on their finishing translucent powder as it’s the best I’ve used. The free gift included a nail polish, single eyeshadow, eyeshadow brush and mini mascara in autumn shades. I won’t lie, they got me excited for cold autumn evenings all cosy indoors! 

Body Lotion

I picked up a garner body moisturiser as I am awful at taking care of my skin and wanted to get ready for stripping off by the pool in Santorini. I love the scent of this body lotion, and it isn’t sticky, which is brilliant. It comes in three strengths, with this one being the middle one I believe, for dry skin. I’ve been slathering it on after every shower and my skin does feel nice and soft and more hydrated. 

Have you bought anything from Boots lately? Let me know in the comments if you’ve come across a must try product! 

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