Beauty – My Top Tips for Saving at Boots

Yes, there’s an underlying theme to the blog at the moment – ways to save money, and it’s because I’ve never been as short on money as I am currently. We are due to pay off our wedding in a couple of weeks time, and money has definitely been tight. 

Beauty may not come high on everyone’s list of priorities, and as a mum of three it’s definitely not top of mine, but I do feel it’s important to take care of yourself, even when money is hard to come by. 

So, how do I still manage to treat myself on a budget? I shop in Boots. Boots is by far one of my favourite shops. It’s my go to for anything beauty, and I don’t know where I would be without my trusty advantage card. 

When my makeup is running low, or I need to restock my shampoos and conditioners, I head to Boots. On a recent trip I ended up with 3 essentially free products (1 freebie as part of the Boots parenting club, and two products bought with points) plus a discount of around £10 on my other products. 

So what are my top money saving tips? 

Get an advantage card (and join their parenting club if you have babies/young children) 

Download the free Boots Advantage Card app to your smartphone and load all relevant offers to your card using the app prior to purchase (it’s super quick and easy to do, I will usually do it whilst instore to ensure I’m seeing the most up to date offers available) 

Remember the golden rule for the Advantage card – you cannot part pay with points, your points must cover the total balance of your purchase… 

Shop savvy – having said this, if you are buying lots, group your purchases in two so that you can boost up your points with the first purchase and then pay for the second with your increased points total 

Research! To avoid a wasted purchase, especially when it comes to makeup or hair products, I will always do a quick Google for reviews (the Boots website is brilliant for reviews by customers for most of the products online, or search for blog posts on the item). 

Take into account threshold spends and wait to do a big shop. Often Boots have threshold spend offers where they will either offer extra points or money off purchases over a certain amount. So hold off heading instore for a new mascara until you have several items on your list and you’ll save money in the long run 

Shop at Boots for essentials. Have a baby? Shop at Boots for nappies and wipes, weaning essentials and teething gel. Not only will you save money with lots of parenting club special offers, you’ll also build up your points which can be spent instore on essentials or treats for yourself 
Pick up the free Boots advantage card magazine instore (free for Boots advantage card users, it must be scanned at the till) instead of your monthly fix from cosmopolitan or glamour and save (it may only be a pound you’re saving but every little helps) 

Save up your points. Have your eye on something amazing you’ve heard rave reviews about online but you simply can’t justify spending that amount of money on yourself right now? Save up your points and have a guilt free splurge 

Watch out for 3 for 2 offers on makeup, skincare and hair. They are fairly regular and can save you pennies! 

Grab a festive bargain – this won’t be possible until next year now but it’s worth thinking about. Gift sets are reduced by up to 75% after Christmas. Maybe you don’t fancy giving a friend or relative an outdated Christmas present the following year, but why not grab some bargains and use the individual products from a set for yourself or to add to other gifts throughout the year? 
Check online for offers against those in store – sometimes the offers vary, and there may be additional products online not available in your local store – always worth a quick look

Grab a bargain lunch – peckish after all that shopping? Why not treat yourself to a meal deal – Boots is one of my favourites for meal deals as they have a lot of variety and include some healthier options (I love their shapers BBQ chicken wrap). 
Check out the bargain bin! Locate the end of an aisle where all the reduced stock has been put (usually somewhere near the till) and have a little rummage. I’ve found some absolutely awesome bargains before. 

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6 thoughts on “Beauty – My Top Tips for Saving at Boots

  1. Kirsty Dee

    Love this, didn’t know about the app! Totally getting that 😊


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