My Monthly Plans – September 

As you’ll know by now, I’m currently away in Santorini. It was really weird scheduling this post, knowing that by the time it went live I will have already been out here for a few days and will be getting married in the morning (eek!). 

September is obviously very exciting for us, not only because of our holiday and wedding but it also sees Carly start school for the first time and Cameron’s 7th birthday. It’s all go for us! 

1st – Rehearsal Dinner 
So it’s not overly a rehearsal but it’s a big meal the night before the wedding so it’s the most logical name for it. I’m looking forward to spending the night before the wedding with everyone, having a nice relaxed meal and enjoying myself before the big day! 

2nd – Our Wedding! 

It’s been two years in planning, but our big day is finally here! I plan on spending the morning in the hotel spa before a leisurely lunch and getting ready session. Our ceremony isn’t until 5.30pm so there’s lots of time to prepare. I can’t wait! 

5th – Fly back home 

It will be sad to leave Santorini, but I’m actually really looking forward to getting back home and starting our new life as husband and wife. We have so much to look forward to, it’s going to be brilliant! 
6th – Cameron starts back at School 

Carly doesn’t start until the following week but we are thrown straight into the deep end with the school run for Cameron, who is going into year two, the morning after we fly back – argh! Carly also has a home visit with her new teachers on the same day, which will be nice. 

11th – Carly starts school! 
My little girl is going to be in reception and I am so excited for her! I’m also going to miss her loads. With Cameron, I was working full time by the time he started school so he had been away from me in the day anyway. Carly, although still at nursery for her funded 15 hours, was with me quite a lot over the past 10 months of my maternity leave so it will hit harder when she starts school I think. 

13th – Cameron’s 7th Birthday! 

How do I have a seven year old already?! Cameron has grown up so much recently, not just in height (although he is absolutely giant, he takes after his very tall dad), but emotionally as well. He used to be very clingy and would be quite childish in the way he acted but lately he’s been a lot more grown up and has wanted to have proper conversations with myself and Ed. It’s really lovely to see. I bought all his presents before we flew out to Santorini so everything is all set for his birthday! 

15th – Birthday Celebrations #1 

Cameron isn’t a big fan of parties, and neither am I when it means spending lots of money unnecessarily on children Cameron doesn’t get on with. Instead he tends to invite one or two close friends over. This year we have planned a trip to Pizza Hut followed by a sleepover with lots of snacks (I’m jealous!). 

17th – Birthday Celebrations #2 

Carly will be back on the Sunday morning from her dad’s house and we plan to take the children somewhere as a final treat for Cameron’s birthday, followed by a special tea with lots of cake! 

24th – Nan’s Birthday Celebrations 

We love a good birthday celebration in our family and my Nan’s birthday is as good as an excuse as any. I’m looking forward to sharing a bottle of wine with her and celebrating! 

29th – Blogging Event in London 

I’m so nervous as I don’t get on well with london but I’ve been invited to a blogging event there and I really want to go! I’m hoping to make a proper visit of it and have a meal before going back home. 

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