2016 – What a Year! 

I know the blogosphere will be full of roundup posts, but no two will be the same (unless maybe for those of us whose partners also blog), so I thought I would summarise what 2016 has meant for me, in preparation for welcoming 2017 (aka the year Ed and I get married, eek!).

Way back in January, Ed and I went to my work Christmas party (when you work in hotels you get used to celebrating after Christmas is over) and we came away with a little more than sore heads as we happened to conceive Benjamin that night… 

As my job was very stressful, and long hours meant I wasn’t seeing the children other than to put them to bed and drop them off with childminders, I made the difficult decision to hand in my notice, and I left in February. 

Although I don’t miss the long, tiring hours or the lack of gratitude from management for what I did, I do miss the social side of the job. I made some lovely friends who I no longer see very often (and the effing amazing Nutella muffins!!). 

Also in February, Ed and I booked our wedding in Santorini, Greece. I can’t believe it’s now only 9 months away! 

Other things that happened at the start of the year: 

One of my best friend’s Kirsty turned 30! 

Ed took me shooting for this year’s Valentine’s Day surprise! 

I went on a girls’ weekend away! 

I started a new job in March, working part time hours and settled into my pregnancy and preparing for life as a family of five.

In April I competed in a race at 12 weeks pregnant, I was really proud when I did better than expected! 

We also announced our pregnancy! 

In may I turned 27 and officially started feeling old (although Ed is 9 years older than me so that gives me some comfort). It was the third year of being pregnant on my birthday. I am so making up for it next year! 

In the summer we found out both my brother and Ed’s sister were expecting babies in the new year, which was so exciting. I cannot wait to meet both babies. 

Other things that happened over summer: 

We found out we were having a baby boy and did a gender reveal! 

I went away with my mum and the kids for a little holiday to Devon and Cornwall!  

We road tripped to Basingstoke for a family birthday! 

September saw Cameron turn 6 and start his second year at school. 

I also found out my sister in law was having a baby girl! 

By this point I was huge and uncomfortably pregnant and the school run was not fun at all. Also having major work done on our roof meant my planned home birth was in jeopardy and I was just generally rather stressed and moody. 

My baby shower turned my frown upside down, if only for a little while, everyone was so generous and it was lovely to spend time with friends and family. 

October couldn’t come quick enough for us, I managed to fit in some maternity shoot photos at the start of the month but when it appeared Benjamin had stopped moving around so much and growing, the decision was made to bring labour on with induction on his due date. 

Benjamin was born at 7.35pm on 18th October after a very quick labour and only 3 pushes. Now he’s here I can’t imagine him not being here. 

Since Benjamin was born, time seems to have flown, and he’s already 10 weeks old! Carly’s birthday was mid November, and we celebrated with her very first proper party with her little friends. 

And December? Well December saw me attempt both vlogmas and Blogmas simultaneously (and almost break down from the stress). However, despite finishing vlogmas early, I’ve been filling every day with something festive and loving it. Generally we’ve just been enjoying seeing Benjamin changing everyday and our new family dynamic as a family of 5! 

Personally I can’t complain about my 2016, it’s given me a beautiful baby boy. However, I am also looking forward to 2017 and counting down to our wedding! Happy New Year everyone! 

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  1. Kirsty Dee

    Awww love this and it’s so sweet I was mentioned hehe. Thank you 😙😙


  2. Mummy Times Two

    What an utterly incredible year you have had x


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