Foodie Friday – Homemade Chocolates & Hot Chocolate Stirrers

So, it’s New Year’s Eve tomorrow and for some this means a wild night out, lots of alcohol and partying until the small hours. But for some, especially parents, it means a cosy night in. 

What better way to bring in the new year than from the comfort of your sofa with plenty of warm blankets, leftover Christmas treats and some festive TV to watch? 

These homemade chocolates and hot chocolate stirrers are simple to make and will add that special something to your night in. 

What you Will Need:

-White and Milk Chocolate (I used sainsburys basic chocolate which is only 45p per bar) 

-silicone mould (mine is a heart shaped one from Amazon) 

-decorative sprinkles (I used frosted snowflakes from Sainsburys baking aisle) 

-mini marshmallows 

-lolly sticks (for the stirrers – you can buy these but I just reused lolly sticks from my children’s ice lollies, much cheaper!) 

What to Do:

-Melt the chocolate in separate bowls 

-pour or spoon the melted chocolate into the silicon mould

-add some sprinkles and mini marshmallows to the top of the chocolate in the mould 

-push the lolly sticks in to make stirrers 

-pop in the fridge and leave for 12-24 hours 

-pop out of the moulds and enjoy alone or as stirrers in a mug of hot milk! 

And that’s it! Quick and simple chocolate treats to enjoy! 

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