Beauty – Palmolive Gourmet Chocolate Passion Review 

I am a big fan of gimmicky products (I loved Radox’s Scent Touch) so when I saw the new Gourmet range of Palmolive shower gels, and I spotted the chocolate passion one, I knew I had to give it a go. 

From my sniff in the shop I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed by the scent of the shower gel. It has a rich cocoa smell, which lingers on your body afterwards, and it really does make you think of a lovely rich chocolate – just don’t get carried away and eat it… 

Marketed as a body butter shower cream, it has a lovely thick consistency to it, which feels luxurious when applying it, although I can imagine it won’t last as long as other shower gels (especially as every member of our family wants to use it). 

I have fairly sensitive skin, and can’t use some products without my skin flaring up, but I’ve had no issues with this so far. In fact, the moisturising elements have helped soften some of my dry skin and I felt like I’d had a good pamper after I came out of the shower. 

Unlike some gimmicky products out there, this one is definitely worth purchasing. It’s currently on offer at both Wilkos and Asda. 

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