Switching to Electric with the Fairywill E11 Toothbrush

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I’m embarrassed to admit that I have been using a manual toothbrush up until a few weeks ago. I actually have an old electric toothbrush but I never really got on with it, finding it big, bulky and annoying to have to charge so often. I was recently sent over the Fairywill E11 toothbrush to try out and it has been a total game changer.

For a start, the toothbrush is so lightweight. I was unsure if that meant it wouldn’t be as powerful as other electric toothbrushes but I was surprised to find the opposite, it is brilliant to use and actually feels like it is doing something and getting my teeth clean, without the need to apply too much pressure or really do much of the work at all.

The toothbrush comes with eight removable heads, all packaged individually and ready to easily slide on to the toothbrush base (which makes the toothbrush really cost effective as these should last for up to 2 years). It also comes with a travel case, which is so handy and has already come in useful for our little family mini break and anniversary stay over the past month.

The included USB charging cable is convenient to use and I found the toothbrush charged quickly (within the advertised 2 hours) and could go a long time in between charges, which is always a bonus. In fact, writing this three weeks after receiving the toothbrush, I have only had to charge it once when I got it and haven’t needed to charge it again yet!

To be honest with you, despite the toothbrush having different modes, I have only used the one for the majority of the time, which is the clean mode. However, it also offers soft and massage.

One of the biggest advantages for me, using the Fairywill electric toothbrush over a manual toothbrush is the 2 minute timer, with 30 second intervals to prompt you to change the area of your mouth during brushing. It has made me much more disciplined at brushing for long enough, and my mouth feels so much fresher and cleaner as a result.

I was so surprised to see how low in price the Fairywill E11 is, as I found it, personally, to be better suited for my needs than the leading brand electric toothbrush I had given up on previously. At under £25, it’s definitely worth a purchase, if you are looking for a new electric toothbrush or are considering making the switch from manual to electric for the first time.

I was gifted the Fairywill E11 toothbrush for the purpose of this post, however all words and images are my own.

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