January Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

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January is here, and with it comes those seemingly endless resolutions and goals that people share in the hope that saying them out loud and writing them down will help hold them accountable for the year ahead. I am actually a fan of making goals in January, but I try and keep them realistic, focus on one or two key areas that I want to work on, and set out steps to achieve those goals in an achievable timeframe.

These are some January Resolutions you can actually keep…

Put Your Health & Wellness First

I know self-care seems to be everywhere at the moment, but there is a reason why, and January is the perfect time to start putting yourself first and working on your health and wellbeing. So get booking that smear, work on getting a better night’s sleep and schedule in regular check-ups with the dentist. Putting yourself first doesn’t just mean lighting candles and reading a good book, although these are great ways to help you switch off in the evening, it can be working on the area of you are perhaps unhappy about, such as your teeth. Dental care from London Cosmetic Dentistry includes both general dentistry alongside invisible braces, veneers and teeth whitening treatments.

Meal Plan

I used to be awful when it came to deciding what to feed myself and my family each night during the week. We spent a lot more money and wasted a lot more food before I started to regularly meal plan at the start of each week. Meal planning doesn’t have to be boring, you can choose to have set meals each day, or you can decide during the week what you fancy. We tend to buy meat from the butcher at the weekend and then freeze everything, defrosting what we need that morning, or the night before if we are using the slow cooker. I try and rotate the meals slightly, so that we aren’t having the same food week in, week out, and if we have all had a hard day and fancy something a bit different, we can always mix it up and change our plans at the last minute, so it doesn’t have to be too restrictive.

Move More

The gym isn’t for everyone, but just making a goal to move more can have some brilliant benefits on your overall health and wellbeing, regardless of whether weightless is your end goal. I am awful at sitting at my desk at work for the majority of my five hour shift, and then getting home and sitting on the sofa for the evening. I am making moving more a personal goal for 2020, whether that means getting up and walking around the office more, taking up an exercise class or making time to go swimming regularly. I have an Apple Watch but have been awful at remembering to wear it, so putting this on and tracking my steps will help me with the goal.

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One thought on “January Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

  1. Charlotte Craig

    I also find doing a weekly meal plan ahead of my weekly online Tesco shop on a Monday night the best way to save money and not have to worry about getting food in for the rest of the week. Between Christmas and New Year I visited a supermarket to do a weekly shop and was reminded how hard it used to be before this revelation!


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