Changing up My Style in 2020

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I love to share style posts on my blog and Instagram, but I never like to call them ‘fashion’ as I don’t feel like I really follow fashion, preferring instead to focus on finding my own personal style. I am a mum of three, and now in my thirties, but I don’t want this to define me or my style, and I try to change things up a bit and wear clothes that not only make me feel comfortable but that also make me feel confident.

I don’t have a big budget when it comes to clothes shopping, spending most of my money on clothes for the children instead, but I try and save up and refresh my wardrobe when I can. I also love to shop in charity shops and find pieces that will update clothes I already have in my wardrobe. Here are some of the ways I am changing up my style in 2020.

All About the Accessories

When I was decluttering my bedroom recently, I discovered that I have a distinct lack of accessories and this is something I want to change this year. Other than my engagement and wedding rings, I don’t really have any other rings so I have been looking at rings from Pomegranate London, in an attempt to find some new pieces. I also tend to wear the same necklace over and over again, so I want to try and match my jewellery to my outfits more. It is amazing how much difference statement jewellery can bring to an outfit, and I am excited to find some pieces that will reflect my own personal style more.

Charity Shop Finds

I have mentioned before that, since working for a charity,  I have found an increased appreciation for charity shops, and this year I want to shop in them more, to find pieces that suit me whilst also saving money and helping a good cause. There are so many bargains to be found and, with regular stock turnover, it is worth taking multiple trips if you don’t find something you like first time round. I will be donating clothes from my own wardrobe that I no longer wear, to make room for any new items I buy.

Adapting For the Season

I am awful at bagging up my clothes from the summer as soon as the leaves start to fall, and then putting away my winter wardrobe in time for the summer, but it makes sense to adapt the clothes you have for the change in seasons. Obviously not everything will be suitable – I don’t think short shorts can really be worn in January, but there are certain pieces which can be easily added to such as midi-skirts with tights and jumpers for colder weather and cami-tops as it warms up.

Investing in Statement Pieces

I want to shop smarter in 2020 when it comes to clothes. Sometimes I shop in cheaper places, only to then find the quality doesn’t last and I end up spending more money replacing pieces a short time later. By focusing on some key, statement pieces and spending a little more for better quality items, I can save money in the long run.

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