Making Some Changes in 2020

I feel like all of my posts at the moment are about making changes, resolutions and goals, but that is what January is all about for me. A new year is the perfect excuse for a fresh start, to reassess and commit to making changes, if that is what you want to do. I used to make a huge song and dance about my resolutions, posting them across social media and telling all those who would listen about what changes I was making, but more recently I have taken to quietly writing them down here, trying to stick to the goals that I am making, without the fuss and attention, and it seems to work for me.

Make Healthier Choices

I know there seems to be a huge taboo at the moment about admitting that you want to lose weight, that the idea of going on a diet is somehow bad and against the body confidence movement, but I do not feel healthy right now and at the weight that I am at. I feel unfit, so unfit that I can’t climb the stairs at work without feeling a little breathless, and I do not feel nice after eating, always feeling overly full and bloated. It isn’t all about dress size, but I no longer feel nice in the clothes I own, feeling they are too tight and unflattering to my figure. Yes, I could go out and buy clothes in a bigger size, but as I also don’t feel comfortable and healthy at the size I am personally, I don’t see an issue with embarking on a healthier regime, trying to eat better and move more in order to shed a bit of weight and potentially feel healthier and more confident in the process.

Work on My Blog as a Business

I have been blogging for almost a decade now, and went self-employed three years ago, but I find it hard differntiating between my blog as a business and as a hobby. I love being able to write whatever I want to but I would also like to make a proper income from blogging too, so I am going to sit down with some new books I have including the PR School – Your Time to Shine and The Working Woman’s Handbook, and hopefully get some tips on how I can get the blog to the next level over the following year.

Keep Track of Everything

I am awful at spinning plates and then forgetting something important that I wrote down in my diary but then forgot to look at. I have bought myself a family planner style diary (which was a bargain at £2.75 from Tesco!), which has different sections for a whole load of information as well as sections on each week for all the family members, meaning I can put down Carly’s swimming lessons alongside Ed’s parents evenings at work and my own work and blogging commitments. I also want to try and use my phone calendar more, so that I get notified of events coming up, and potentially using a group calendar app with Ed and my mum, so that we can keep track of things we have planned and when she is due to watch the kids for us.

Have you made any resolutions for 2020? 

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