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On Christmas Day, the children opened a joint present – the Jooki music player, and they absolutely loved it. Jooki is a screen-free alternative for kids of all ages to listen to their favourite music with ease. The music player comes with figurines, which attach to Jooki and play pre-loaded playlists without the need for any adult supervision – perfect if you have an independent child who wants to do things on their own, without your help. The playlists are set up through Spotify, which means there is a limit to the music available, unless you have the premium version.

I loved that there were plenty of figurines in the box, with three children, sometimes there aren’t enough to go around, but this has allowed us to give each child their own figure, whilst keeping two aside for party playlists, which can be used when they have friends over. The figures are fairly robust, which is great as the kids can be heavy-handed, and they have individual characters, which the children loved (although the younger two weren’t too keen on the ghost character). There is the option to buy additional figures on the website, as well as tokens, which can be used alongside these.

Jooki itself is also nice and sturdy, made with strong materials and splash-proof (although not fully waterproof) on the outside. It is also portable, and can be used both online and offline, which is fantastic as we do a bit of travelling around the UK during the school holidays – it will be fantastic to take along with us to keep the children entertained during the evenings. It has a battery life of around eight hours on a medium volume, although this can be affected if streaming. We’ve found that we don’t need to charge the player that often, as the children only use it for a small amount in a day.

You can control the music player via the free to download Jooki app, or on the website, if you don’t have a smartphone. I found it really easy to set the player up with the app initially, and I liked that the device already came with a few preloaded songs, so that the children could get an idea of what it did, before we sat down and chose their own music with them.

As well as being fun for the children, the Jooki player is also brilliant for gatherings where music is required as, unlike other smart devices and music players, once the playlist is loaded, you can leave it to play (yes, we have used it for our own music over Christmas as well!). There is also an option to maximise the volume – perfect for children who tend to turn the volume up when you aren’t looking!

The children are all big fans of Jooki and I love that even Benjamin, at three years old, quickly worked out how to use the device by putting his figure onto the platform to play his favourite songs. I’d recommend it if you are looking for an alternative to a bluetooth speaker or other smart-home device, as it is so child-friendly and makes the perfect joint present if you have more than one child.

I was sent the Jooki music player for the purpose of review, however all words and images are my own. 

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