A Little Life Update

It feels like life is going at a hundred miles an hour at the moment. The summer holidays went by in a flash and, although we managed to fit a lot into the six weeks the children and Ed had off school, September arrived and everything got a little overwhelming.

The children started back at school on 3rd September and I had my first day at my new job on the 4th, so Benjamin also started nursery. Having now had our first full week of this new schedule, I feel like we have gotten into the swing of things a little, but it has definitely changed the dynamic for me.

For a start, Instagram and social media in general are no longer as high a priority to me as before. Obviously as I still want to continue blogging, social media is something that comes as part of the job, but I am not as obsessed with the numbers as I was before. I have been posting when I have something to say or a photo I really want to share, rather than forcing myself, and I have fallen back in love with my content as a result. I have been switching off a little more than before, and dipping in and out of social media rather than being constantly aware of it, as I was when I was working from home.

I feel more positive, with a better work-life balance despite now juggling more than I was before. I feel like I can switch off from my day job with ease, and focus on being me again, rather than filling my days and nights with my blog. Although I love blogging, I was getting stressed having it as my only source of income. I am able to treat it as a hobby which I make money from, rather than pushing myself to take on work I am not sure about. It has been freeing.

I am finding myself more tired though. I am working part time hours but the commute is a bit tricky in the morning and I am spending a couple of hours a day working on my blog as well, so it is a change that I am still getting used to. By the evening I just want to collapse into bed, I don’t know how I managed to blog whilst working full time before.

As well as a new job, Ed and I are hoping that we will be in the position to buy sooner rather than later. We own a property already but it isn’t right for us as a family, so we are currently renting it out and leasing the property we live in from a private landlord. Although this is all exciting, and something we have been planning for some time, it is also a little daunting now it is getting closer.

I can’t see our lives slowing down again any time soon, but I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds for us.

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