My Thoughts on the Amazon Wishlist Trend

You may have seen the Amazon Wishlist trend on social media recently. I wanted to write a little something about my thoughts on it, having taken part myself, and to cover some of the common issues people may have with it.

If you haven’t heard about it, there is a trend on social media at the moment for dropping a link to your Amazon Wishlist and asking others to do the same. You are then encouraged to treat at least one other person to something on their list, either anonymously or by letting them know you have sent them something.

In my opinion, this trend started off harmlessly and is a really nice idea to spread a little kindness during a time when everybody is stuck inside and not necessarily feeling too positive. I took part in the trend myself, gifted around 25 people and received some gifts myself. I haven’t been taking part recently as I don’t have the financial means to gift people, and I wouldn’t feel right dropping my own link when I can’t reciprocate.

Some people have expressed concerns over people un-gifting, and I will admit, this is something that has happened to me and doesn’t feel very nice. No, you aren’t taking part ‘just’ to get a gift yourself, but it still doesn’t feel great if somebody has committed to gifting you and then they cancel the order. The way an Amazon Wishlist works, this means that the particular item they have ordered and then cancelled, will have been removed from your Wishlist or shown as having been bought, which means that other people wouldn’t be able to get you this. It also doesn’t make any sense to me. If you can’t afford to gift somebody, or you don’t want to take part, you simply don’t have to. Why say you will get something only to take it back?

Something people were concerned about, especially to begin with, was privacy and allowing strangers to see your address. This actually isn’t the case as Amazon hide most of your address from those gifting you. You can also choose to only take part with the gifting amongst those people you already follow, or your own friends and family, if you are concerned at all.

Another issue for many is that only a handful of people who have been gifted write a thank you on social media. No, people aren’t only gifting for this, but you can’t help feeling a little bit put out if the people you have gifted haven’t acknowledged it. I do know that this can be down to Amazon not including the gift note in with the parcel, and I know that some people wouldn’t want to share the items they received for whatever reason.

Something else I noticed was the same people constantly sharing their wish-lists over and over again, on every post, despite having already received tonnes of gifts themselves. I think this is where I don’t think the trend is very fair. As with a lot of things, it is a popularity game, and those with lots of followers, or who have spammed their link all over the place, will receive all of their gifts, whilst others, who may be kindly sending out gifts to lots of people quietly in the background, will not get much back in return.

Of course, there is the other big issue, the fact that Amazon staff are already being overworked due to the current climate, and this trend is putting a strain on an already busy business, whilst lining the pockets of one of the richest people in the world. I must admit, this did play on my mind a little, especially when I was receiving dispatch emails constantly for the gifts I was sending out. It all felt a little unnecessary, and perhaps something that should have been capped in some way.

Overall, I think the trend started with the best intentions, and it is lovely that it has brought a smile to so many people, not only those receiving, but those gifting as well, but perhaps the trend has now run its course? Having said that, once I have more money, I would be tempted to treat a few more people, as it is a lovely way to spread some kindness.

What are your thoughts on the Amazon Wishlist trend? Have you taken part? 

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