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I know, I know, another post about the lockdown, but in all truthfulness, I am finding it hard to write about anything else right now. I love writing, but I haven’t been able to write as much lately, as everything I go to talk about seems trivial, everything other than the situation right now feels odd, somewhat alien to the way of life we are now experiencing. So, instead of fighting it, I have decided to go with it and today I am sharing with you an insight into my life during lockdown, how it has changed and how I have adapted to this new way of life, this new normal.

I am still currently working. I am fortunate to be able to work from home easily in the job that I have, working for a local charity. A lot of my work is to do with social media, blog posts and writing and sending out press releases and these are all tasks that can easily be done from my phone and laptop.

I have part time hours, so I work from around 9am until 2pm four days a week, but I am being more flexible now and will keep an eye on my emails and action anything urgent right away, as the majority of the head office staff have been placed on furlough for the time being, so there are more tasks for me to do than I would usually have. I have also been working on the fundraising side of things a lot more, as this is an area that is hugely important now that the charity shops have closed. Fortunately I find my job interesting, and I am able to sit away from the children whilst I work, so that I can concentrate and get ‘in the zone’.

I have been working on my health and fitness for the past couple of weeks, after starting lockdown eating everything in sight left me feeling lethargic and bloated. I have been getting up in the mornings and doing a workout DVD, even on the days I would rather have a lie in, and it has made a massive difference to my physical and mental wellbeing. I feel so much better than I did a couple of weeks ago and I am starting to notice a difference in my body shape too, although this wasn’t my main aim.

I no longer feel like I am forcing myself to exercise, I actually enjoy it, and I feel a lot more awake and ready to get on with my day now. I am also eating smaller portions and not eating through boredom or late at night as much, which has always been my biggest downfall. I don’t have any specific weight-loss aims, but I will be happy if I am just a bit more toned up by the end of this. It gives me something to focus on anyway.

The children have been on their Easter break for the past couple of weeks. Although this hasn’t been much different, as we are obviously all at home every day, I have tried to make it a little more relaxed for them, and they haven’t had such a strict routine, working with apps on phones rather than sitting down at their desk, as they were to start with. I must admit though, I am looking forward to them getting back to more structured work next week, as it allows me to organise my day a little better and they don’t get as bored and restless if they have work to be getting on with.

I am really proud of how they are all coping with the lockdown. They know what is going on, to an extent, and they are dealing with it really well. There have been a few more tears and tantrums than they would normally have, but generally they have adapted quickly, as children often do. Their hobbies are helping them too, Carly is brilliant at drawing, whilst Camerom has been getting into coding on the laptop, and Benjamin is being a typical three year old, watching Paw Patrol and playing with empty cardboard boxes more than his actual toys.

Ed and I have been enjoying the extra time together, now that we have settled into life at home, and we have been completing puzzles, watching tv shows and films and even attempting some TikTok videos together. It has been really good to have such nice weather during the lockdown so far, as we have had plenty of time outside in the back garden, where we have been playing with the children, sunbathing and even camping in Ed’s tent (I do not recommend, worst night’s sleep ever!). Easter was lovely as it wasn’t much different than it would normally have been. We did an egg hunt indoors and out for the kids and enjoyed a yummy roast dinner before settling down with all the chocolate eggs.

It has been hard not seeing family, especially my mum who I am really close to and usually see multiple times a week. We have been catching up with family over FaceTime and doing weekly quizzes and murder mysteries over Zoom, which has been so much fun and something I hope we continue every so often after this is all over, as it has allowed family who live further afield to join in, including my brother and sister who live in County Durham and Essex respectively.

I know how privileged we are that we are both able to work from home during this. Ed will at some point be back at his school to teach the children of key workers, but the way they have organised it means that so far he has been able to be at home with us, which I am really grateful for, I know the situation is a lot harder for other families, and I am really thankful for all those key workers who are out there keeping the country running.

I was really worried how my mental health would be affected by all of this, but I am actually doing a lot better than I thought I would and, in a weird way, I feel my anxiety and low mood have actually improved during this time. I have been having counselling, which was done over the phone for the past few sessions after lockdown, and my therapist has said how much calmer and pragmatic I sound compared to when I first met her. I have written about my mental health during lockdown, so I won’t go into it at length, but I think that spending time with Ed and the kids and being able to take the time to properly slow down and live a simpler life has benefited me a lot.

I know that this will all be affecting us in different ways, and I don’t want my post to come across as if I am having an amazing time and don’t have any problems. I hate feeling hemmed in, and it is now apparent that I will be spending my birthday at the start of May in lockdown, which I had guessed but was holding out hope against, but I am just trying to cope the best I can and looking for the positives, amongst all the fear, turmoil and awful statistics. We will get through this, and until then stay home and stay safe.

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