A Visit to the Lush Spa in Poole

•Press Visit•

I have been to several spas before, but had never actually visited a Lush Spa. I was pleased to be asked along to visit the Poole store’s onsite spa recently with the Bournemouth Bloggers, to find out a little more about the treatments they offer, and the philosophy behind them.

On arrival, I was led through a little rabbit warren of doorways through to the kitchen space. Although a little cramped with all of us and several therapists, it was a lovely area filled with flowers, motivational words, fresh fruit and a pile of biscuits that I soon started devouring. Is there anything better than biscuits on a Sunday morning?

We were given a lovely pair of pyjamas to change into, which are by far the most comfortable things I have ever worn and returned to the room for a little intro to some of the treatments. The process was demonstrated to us for the Synaethesia experience, which aims to incorporate all five senses together.

You are encouraged to choose a word from the wall which means something to you, or how you want to feel by the end of your visit, and the team will then provide a flavoured tea and massage bar linked to that particular word. It was really interesting, and although I don’t drink tea, I loved the scent, like white chocolate, of the massage bar for the word our group chose – Perspective.

Tummies full of biscuits and tea, we were led through to one of the treatment rooms where we paired up to try out products from the Comforter treatment. I will definitely be coming back to try this out in full at some point. The bed looked so comfortable, and the whole ambience of the room was dreamlike and so relaxing.

We then split into two groups and given sample mini treatments. I was in a group with Jaye and Bex and we had such a giggle watching each other as the lovely therapist moved and flexed our joints around for a section of the Hard Day’s Night treatment. I was surprised at how flexible my legs and hips were and afterwards I felt so good!

Before we headed back home, we had time to chill out in the spa outdoor terrace area and lounge. Both spaces were brilliant for relaxing in post treatment and having a catch up with the other girls.

We were also given a bag filled with some products on our way out, plus we got to keep the pjs and slippers, which was a dream come true.

If you have the chance to visit the Lush Spa in Poole, or at another location across the country, I would highly recommend. It was unlike any other spa experience I have had before and I can’t wait to go back and have a proper pamper as soon as possible.

We were invited along to this press event with no obligation to post. All words and images are my own. 

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