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With my first day at my new job almost upon me, I have been been getting prepared, shopping for a lunchbag and reusable drinks bottle, preparing my wardrobe and getting on top of my schedule in advance.

One of the things I have also been thinking a lot about is my makeup. It might sound a little odd, but as somebody who has suffered with low self esteem, wearing makeup that makes me feel confident and in control is a big thing for me. I have worked hard on my self confidence in the past couple of years and I no longer feel I have to wear makeup all the time but, when I do, I like to opt for products that make me feel like me, just a little brighter and sparklier.

Very.co.uk have recently added Topshop and Topman to its website and with this, Topshop Beauty which includes a range of beautifully packaged and affordable makeup products. I have been sent across a selection of these products to try out and I have fallen in love with the range. I’m first to admit that I haven’t actually used Topshop’s makeup before, so it was really interesting to use the products and to see how they compared to my usual makeup.

My first impression was how stylish and sleek the packaging is. Each of the products are clearly labelled on the outer packaging and some have quirky names such as ‘Fresh As’ for the Makeup Fixing Mist, which I love. It’s always nice to see a brand having a bit of fun with their products and this obviously appeals to their target market.

The selection of products I was sent included makeup for face, eyes and lips. I absolutely loved the eyeshadows, especially the shade Beauty Queen, which has a lovely slightly iridescent glow to it and looks really nice paired with Band Stand.

I also really liked the highlighter, which gave a beautiful, subtle shine when applied, which could be built up as much as you want.

The eyeliner was really chunky compared to pencils that I have used in the past, and was really easy to apply for a quick line of my eyes. For work, I want to stick to an everyday, subtle look, so I avoided using the liquid liner and will save that for evenings out and special occasions.

When it comes to lips, I am such a creature of habit and usually stick to just the one lipstick, that I will then wear religiously forever more, so it was a bit strange to try something new.

The lip liner pencil and lipgloss combo have converted me. I love the shade Feather, which I used with the Charm School lipgloss, and find it a lot less harsh and stark than my usual lipstick. It’s a fantastic everyday shade, with just the right amount of sparkle for the office.

I am also pretty hard to impress when it comes to mascara, as I like my lashes to look full and thick without the effort of applying false lashes. I found the Topshop mascara easy to apply, and it opened up my eyes and gave the volume I wanted.

I’m really impressed with the Topshop Beauty range and will be adding these products to my makeup bag ready for my first day at work next week. If you are looking to try out the products, you can find them at Very.co.uk – the first UK retailer outside of the Arcadia Group to stock Topshop Beauty.

I was gifted the products featured in this post, however all words and images are my own. 

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