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I am absolutely awful when it comes to motivating myself to do exercise. Recently I have been trying to cut down on the junk and processed food that I eat and minimise portion sizes in order to be a bit healthier, but when it comes to fitness, I struggle without help. Fortunately I recently worked with Gavin from GT Fitness on a Bournemouth Bloggers event, and as a result I was offered three personal training sessions with him.

Gavin was really good at asking what I wanted to get out of the sessions, and what my current fitness level was. He also suggested trying the sessions at the three different locations he offers, so that I could see which worked best for me.

First we met in my local park, as Gavin offers remote training, using equipment transported in his branded van. The second session was at his training garden, which is located behind the AFC Football Club stadium, and is a lovely area to train in and great for those people, like myself, who are more self conscious and would rather people not be able to watch whilst you exercise.

The third and final session was on the beach, opposite Gavin’s beach hut, which he has filled with equipment suitable for training sessions, and is a fantastic location if you want to push yourself that little bit extra (the sand provides resistance when running and moving around).

At my first session with Gavin, he monitored my fitness level by asking me to rate how difficult the exercises were as we went along. From this, he was able to tailor future sessions around my fitness, and it also allowed him to see my improvement between sessions. By the end of the third session, I could tell that my fitness had started to improve, and I was less out of breath when exercising, and finding I could push myself further than I could in my first workout with Gavin.

My sessions were made up of HIIT style workouts, followed by some boxing, which worked really well. I struggle with following instructions when it comes to exercises, and Gavin was really patient at not only demonstrating everything but also reminding me throughout of what I needed to be doing if I got stuck.

With the boxing, I find the moves themselves straightforward but when it comes to certain sets I falter as I get confused between jabs and upper cuts when doing them in quick succession. Again, Gavin was really encouraging and I never felt stupid for not getting something first time.

I have been sexually assaulted in the past, and it has made me feel very vulnerable around men in general. I was a little concerned how I would cope with one-to-one sessions with somebody I didn’t know, but I explained my concerns to Gavin after our first session together and he was really understanding and quick to check in on me after the session to ensure I was comfortable continuing, and feeling safe and secure during our workouts. It’s made me feel a lot more confident, and I am glad I pushed myself out of my comfort zone as it has helped me feel stronger mentally as well as physically.

I really enjoyed my personal training sessions with Gavin, and I hope to return to them as soon as possible. In the meantime, I will be checking out his classes, which are held across the local area several times a week, and offer a budget-friendly option when it comes to working out with professional guidance, as part of a group.

My three personal training sessions were provided complimentary, however all words are my own. Images have been kindly provided by Gavin from GT Fitness for the purpose of this post. 

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