Getting The Proposal Right

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A wedding proposal is a moment that should be cherished for the rest of your life. If your man is attentive, he will get every detail of the proposal right for you. He will be thoughtful and considerate, and everything will have been thoroughly planned and executed in a way that shows how he will be throughout the rest of your lives together.


A significant element that he needs to get right is his choice of engagement rings that are works of art. The ring he chooses is a statement that says so much about him; how he views your relationship and future together. It is probably the most symbolic purchase that he will ever make, and if he understands the significance, he will probably easily avoid making the following mistakes.


Giving The Game Away Before The Proposal


If he’s going about things the right way, he will be doing his homework well in advance of buying you the ring. He’ll need to be getting ideas and doing lots of planning, but he can’t get caught doing it. And if he does, covering his tracks with poorly conceived lies is probably going to send your suspicions racing in all kinds of terrible directions. He needs to play it cool, and find out any information that he needs, without drawing attention to things.


If he is particularly wise, he will probably enroll the assistance of one of your closest friends to help do the digging on his behalf.


He’ll also need to make sure he hides any evidence such as browser history with rings and proposal ideas, as well as receipts, credit card statements, and the ring itself. And if you share finances in any way, he needs to make sure he has savings well hidden, or he can explain where all of his money is if you notice that it has gone.



Buying The Wrong Size


Getting the right sized ring is vital. This is not a matter for guesswork. You need to be able to start showing off that ring as soon after the proposal as possible. He could go through your jewelry to find rings that you own that fit the right finger. Or, he could measure your finger with a piece of string while you sleep. The third, most sensible option is to use the friend that he has enlisted to find out on his behalf. You’re much less likely to suspect an innocent conversation with a friend.


Buying The Wrong Style


If you like your rings with a bit of bling, you’ll not want something too dull. If he doesn’t know your style, it’s going to look bad on him. He should have been paying attention to these things. What he needs to be doing if he isn’t sure, is going through the rings you own and working out what styles you go for.



Not Insuring The Ring


You want to know that if the worst happens and you lose or break your ring, your heartbreak will only be temporary. Insurance will mean that it can be replaced, and if he is thinking long term, he should take out this small expense.


This is a collaborative contributed post

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