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I feel like I haven’t sat down and written a post about my life in ages. Obviously my whole blog is based around my life, being a lifestyle blog, but I tend to focus on different areas of it like review visits of local restaurants, toys that the children have been playing with and beauty products which I have used. I thought today it might be nice to just have a chatty post.

In the interest of full disclosure, this post features a bunch of flowers, recently gifted to me by the people at Haute Florist. Although I have been gifted this, it bears no impact on my opinion of the flowers/service provided by the company, and I have included them in this post as I wanted to brighten up an otherwise rather gloomy life update!

So, what’s been going on in my life lately? I have posted before about attending CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), this came to an end earlier in the year, and I have since been implementing the tools introduced to me in the sessions when I have been feeling anxious, which I am pleased to say has been less often, which is good. I have been feeling quite positive lately, despite the weather taking a turn for the worse over the past month.

Workwise, I have just completed my second tax return. This year I was determined not to leave it until the last minute, and I filed it in June rather than January, so I think that counts as a success! I have been working with some lovely brands lately, including shopDisney, which was a bit of a pinch me moment for somebody who has been a fan of Disney for many years. I have also taken on some regular freelance work, which is brilliant, and has helped give me confidence in what I am doing.

I will have been running the Bournemouth Bloggers for two years in autumn, and am planning a celebration for later in the year, which I am really excited for. There have been some lovely events recently, and I have met even more new members, which is always nice. It feels like a proper community, and I am proud of my part in building that.

The children are all doing well. The older two have had glowing reports from their school, and Benjamin is coming along really well with his speech now, after experiencing a delay. He was referred to a specialist group called Come Talk With Me, and we attend a session once a week to encourage him to speak more, and work on the areas he is behind in. He still isn’t speaking to the level he would be expected to for his age, but he has definitely improved in just a few weeks, so that is fantastic.

There is a lot going on behind the scenes, which has left me feeling a bit deflated and stressed out. I won’t go into this, but I will say it has had a knock on effect with regards to my general health. I have run myself down, and have been battling a bug for the past couple of weeks as a result. I hate being poorly (I know nobody loves it), as it does affect my mental health as well, and it leaves me feeling useless. I have so much I need to be getting on with, but I have been trying to listen to my body and rest as much as I can, so that I am able to get better quicker.

I was sent across a lovely bouquet from Haute Florist at the end of last week, and it couldn’t have come at a better time, as I was feeling incredibly under the weather, and had just come back from the doctor, who had told me what I had was viral, so they weren’t able to offer any medication to help with the symptoms. I love the way Haute Florist package up their bouquets, ensuring that they arrive in perfect condition, and are ready to pop in a vase and display right away.

I was sent across the Spring British Stocks bouquet, which is a gorgeous mix of pastel colours. They really helped to brighten my day and cheer me up. You can read more about Haute Florist in my recent review post.

The flowers featured in this post were kindly gifted, however all words and images are my own. 

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