My Monthly Plans – October 

So September flew by, didn’t it?! October is an exciting month for us as Benjamin turns one – eek! We also have a big family christening, and I have two blogging events plus I have to say goodbye to one of my closest friends as her and her family move away from the area *cries in a corner*… 

Here are our plans for this month… 

4th – Blog Camp! 
Totally late to the party on this one, but I got my ticket last minute to this blogging conference based on a cruise ship in Southampton and I’m so excited to finally attend an event like this! I’ve never been on a cruise ship before (we won’t actually be moving as it’s docked, but still), and I’m majorly anxious about the day but I’m also really looking forward to it as well. 

6th – Inset Day 

There’s two this month and as I’m not going back to work after maternity leave, I’m actually really looking forward to spending some extra time with the kids (although this one will just be Cameron as Carly will be at her dad’s) 

14th – Trip to County Durham 

We are travelling up to County Durham (around a 7 hour trip) to visit my brother and his wife, and to celebrate their daughter Isla’s christening the next day 

15th – Niece’s Christening 

I’m so excited for the christening. Not only do I get to witness my baby niece on her special day, but I have also been asked to be Godmother, and Ed is Godfather. I’m so looking forward to such a special day! 

18th – Benjamin’s 1st birthday + Cake Smash 

I cannot believe my baby boy is already one years old!! It’s crazy to think how fast the last year went by but in the same way, I cannot remember life before Benjamin came along now! He’s absolutely adorable and such a little character. 

I’m so looking forward to celebrating with him on his special day. As everyone else is at work and school, I’m going to be heading over to the Hey Little You Studios for Benjamin’s cake smash! It’s going to be a lot of fun! 

19th – Dentist 

Back to reality with a bump the following day for a teeth deep clean for me at the dentist. So not fun! 

20th – Highlights 

I am looking forward to a nice afternoon in the salon chair having my highlights done in preparation for our uk reception. 

21st – Bournemouth Blogger Event & Saying Goodbye to a Good Friend 

I’m really excited about attending the Bournemouth Bloggers event at Koh Lounge. I haven’t actually met a lot of local bloggers, so it’ll be lovely to put faces to names etc and have a night out at the same time. 

It’s tinged with sadness though as it’ll also be time to say goodbye to one of my best friends, Kirsty, who blogs over at Kirsty Dee as she’s moving to Dorchester. I’m so going to miss her and am totally gutted to be honest. 

22nd – Benjamin Birthday Tea 

As Benjamin hasn’t got a lot of friends just yet (blame me for being a bad mummy and not taking him to groups etc), we are just hosting a little tea party to celebrate his birthday. I’ve bought a few bits for it – whale themed, and I’m really looking forward to it. 

24th – Minimoon #1 

I will have waited almost 2 months since getting married for this but it will so be worth it! As we won’t be going on honeymoon until next summer, we have booked two one night stays – one in October half term and one in December, to keep us going…. This one is at a beautiful luxury hotel in Christchurch, which is very near to us, and I cannot wait for some couple time, along with lots of prosecco, good food and some seriously amazing massages the following day! 

27th – MOT 

Back to reality again with this boring necessity. I realllly hope we don’t end up having to pay too much for this car, as it cost more than my last 4 cars put together and shouldn’t in theory have anything wrong with it… cross your fingers for me please! 

30th – Inset Day 

The second inset day of the month and this one will be spent with all 3 children. I’m going to plan some lovely Halloween themed activities for us and I’m really looking forward to it! 

31st – Halloween Family Gathering  

I am a huge fan of Halloween. Anything that means more celebrations in the year is fine by me! I’m planning a little family party at our house with lots of sweets, Halloween outfits and some fun games for the kids to play.

What are your plans for October? 

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