Freshening Up Our Bathroom and Kitchen

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We have been on a massive decluttering spree lately, throwing out everything that we no longer need or use. It has felt amazing to clear space, but it has meant that we have noticed the areas of the house that are in need of a little refresh. Our bathroom and kitchen, especially, have started to look a little tired, since we moved in a few years ago. We live in rented accommodation, so there isn’t much we can do when it comes to renovation, but we are able to deal with things like tired grouting and sealant, which are the biggest problems in our bathroom and kitchen.
I was recently sent across two items from Rainbow Chalk, the liquid chalk specialists. The Grout Pen and Sealant Pen from Rainbow Chalk promise an affordable and quick solution when it comes to tired, discoloured sealant and grout.
Like I say, our hands are tied a little when it comes to making changes without the landlord giving us permission, so these pens are a fantastic alternative to removing the affected areas. The Sealant and Grout pens are priced at just £3.99 and £3.50 respectively, and offer precision application and fast drying. The pens are water-based and non-toxic, making them safe to use indoors.
The grout pen comes in a whole range of colours, so you are able to find the right one to match. It is an affordable solution, promising up to 60m coverage for narrow grout joints. The sealant pen is water-resistant, and boasts up to 30m coverage. The pens whiten and prevent regrowth of any mould, with its anti-fungal formula (great news for me, as I hate scrubbing).
To use the pens, simply give them a shake whilst the lid is on and press down on the nib until the ink begins to flow. You can then just draw along the grout/sealant. After a couple of hours, it will be dry and waterproof – so quick and easy!
I was sent across the Grout and Sealant pens from Rainbow Chalk, however all words and images are my own. 

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