Marking National Handwriting Day with STABILO

Today, 23rd January, is National Handwriting Day (no, I wasn’t aware either until the lovely people at STABILO got in touch). With three young children, two of which are currently at school, I am keen to celebrate how important handwriting still is, even in this tech-savvy world we live in, so I have written this post, marking National Handwriting Day with STABILO to share the reasons why I am encouraging the children, and myself, to write more.

To Learn Letter Formation

In reception, Carly was taught how to form letters but she still struggles with some of the trickier ones. The teacher advised me to practise with her at home, using lined paper and a pencil, to easily rub out any mistakes. The EasyGraph pencils from STABILO are fantastic as they have non-slip grips and a triangular shape for comfort.

Writing is Therapeutic

I got a day to page diary for Christmas and have been really trying to set aside some time each night to sit and write about my day. I have been blogging about my personal life for the past eight years but I sometimes forget how good it feels to actually put pen to paper and get everything out, even those really deep and personal thoughts you might not want to share with the whole internet or even your friends and family. I find writing really therapeutic, and actually putting pen to paper is a great way to offload my mind at the end of a busy day.

Cameron, who’s eight, takes after me and has started writing a diary, which he is fiercely protective of. The EasyBuddy is a children’s fountain pen, which is ergonomic, comes in a variety of designs and is available in three nib sizes, perfect for writing thoughts and feelings down as well as using for homework.

It’s More Personal 

My mum is a big fan of sites that sell personalised cards, where you type a message and have it sent directly to your loved one to open. Although these are a lovely novelty, I am old school when it comes to cards and prefer to sit and write out a personal message myself. My handwriting isn’t fantastic, but I try and make an effort when it comes to cards. I’ve been stealing Cameron’s fountain pen but I think I need to get myself one!

To Take Notes 

I get sent lots of press releases as part of my job as a blogger, and I can find all the information a little overwhelming, especially when it is part of a major campaign. To keep track, I find highlighting the key parts and making notes in the margin, really helps me, especially when working to a deadline.

STABILO have a range of mini highlighters in pastel shades, which are a little different and look totally cute on my desk. Plus their bl@ck+ pens are great for note taking as they come in a range of colours.

This is a collaborative post with STABILO, the items featured have been gifted, however words and images are my own. 

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