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Being in love: there aren’t many better feelings, let’s be honest. One day you’re meandering through life without someone to call your own, then out of nowhere, you find someone that you worship and who worships you.

You initially spend pretty much every waking moment thinking about them and hoping they’re having a good day – you then cannot wait to be around them from the moment you finish whatever it is you’re doing. When you’re completely smitten with each other, you want to be involved with each other as much as possible. Every date idea is thought about and you get lost in the almost endless possibilities as you think about the perfect way of making them smile.  

As things start to progress and you’re more than committed to each other, you begin to engage in more serious and adventurous ideas – one of which is the prospect of saving up and throwing a lot of money on a big holiday! When you go to a new place and explore the world with your partner, you feel double the enjoyment as you’re getting to do it all with somebody very special.

If you’re looking to head off somewhere with your loved one and you want to make it a romantic and beautiful few days/weeks, you may not know exactly where to go. Though you probably have brief idea due to some clichés, here is a list of places you two may adore.


Yes, we’re starting with Paris – one of the aforementioned clichés! When you think of two lovebirds looking to get away and have a wonderful time together in front of a wonderful setting, one of the first things that will pop into your head is the pretty restaurant with the Eiffel Tower glowing away in the background.

The lovely landscape isn’t the only reason Paris is known as the City Of Love, however. The French are known for showing affection and passion, and it’s an infectious attitude! The art is gorgeous and a real people-pleaser. The French language is also known to be one of the most attractive!  


Another one that springs to mind almost immediately. Again, the idea of the scenery and the atmosphere in and around the city of Rome is seductive for those looking to book a romantic trip somewhere. Rome is home to wonderful scenery – strolls together across these parts will be something to remember. There’s also the legendary and memorable landscapes and monuments that will be forever etched in history. There are tonnes of hotels in Rome that are catered to couples looking for a wonderful week.  


Italy doesn’t just have Rome to boast about – there are many cities in this beautiful country, and Florence is another one in the list! Florence, too, has luxury hotels that are purpose-built for a couple to bask in. There are amazing places to visit, like the Piazzale Michelangelo and the Arno River. You can’t forget the food, too – you’re crazy if you don’t enjoy that stuff!


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The final Italian city that’ll get a mention – I promise! The Venetian city is easily another wonderfully romantic place for you and your loved one to take a trip to. The thing that probably pops into your head when you think about Venice is the gondolas, and you’d be spot on! Venice is a very small area that’s made up almost exclusively of little islands with very few roads – the city is full of water and bridges! If you’re looking for a beautiful and unorthodox location, then Venice isn’t a bad choice.

The Maldives

If you haven’t already seen what the Maldives look like, then you’re probably going to want to hop onto the internet and take a little look. It’s like a real-life utopia and paradise. If you two go there, then you certainly won’t regret it. Imagine waking up every single morning and seeing THAT. If you want bliss, peace and tranquillity, then that’s as an attractive place as you’re likely to find.

Bora Bora

Want another similar looking paradise? Not satisfied enough with what you’ve just seen? Okay, well here’s another place that will send shivers down your spine and relax you for as long as your stay is. Located in French Polynesia in the South Pacific, you’ll be likely staying in cozy overwater bungalows and catching a beautiful tan as the sun shines down on your smitten faces.    

See The Northern Lights

Aurora Borealis: a collection of almost supernatural lights shining in the sky. The particles from the sun hit the earth’s atmosphere in a certain location, it causes this crazy phenomenon. You can look up the fascinating science if you’d like, but this is exclusively about enjoying the mystique. You don’t have to be in one particular location to view this beauty, fortunately, as it’s visible from lots of places in the northern hemisphere. But it’s not visible all year round, so you’ll need to look up what month is best to see the Northern lights and get planning! Traditionally they’re seen from Iceland, but you can see them from Alaska, Canada, Russia and the rest of the Scandinavian countries.                    

New York City

Probably the most famous city in the world. If it’s not THE most, then it’s certainly in the top five or so. Going to the Big Apple with the apple of your eye may not be as soothing as Venice or as isolated as the Maldives, but there are heaps of things to do and lots of romance to be had! You’ll obviously get to view the amazing landmarks and do all of the shopping by day, but by night you’ll be able to have date nights in the best restaurants with stunning and eye-watering views.  


Beaches, amazing hotels, wonderful people. The Hawaii that you’ve seen and read about will be experienced if and when you go there – what you see is what you get. Like many of the places we’ve mentioned, the place is all set up for you and your beloved to have a wonderful time. Traditionally, there are a lot of beach weddings out there, so it could give you some ideas going forward!

This is a collaborative contributed post.

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