5 Things I’ve been Doing to Mentally Prepare Myself for Our Long Haul Flight

Ok, so you may have heard me saying that I’m more than a little nervous for our trip to Mexico next week, as I am claustrophobic and the idea of being stuck on a plane that I can’t get off of for 11 hours each way fills me with dread.

You may ask why on earth, if I feel so strongly about this, would we decide to go to Mexico for our honeymoon. Well, for one, Mexico looks incredible, and two, I don’t want my fear to affect my life and stop me from doing things.

For this reason, I booked the trip, and have since been working on ways to get over my fear, or at least make the flight more bearable. These are the steps I’ve taken in preparation for our long-haul flight.

Purchased the Fear of Flying Book & CD

The first thing I did, after booking our honeymoon, was to head onto Amazon and buy the Fear of Flying book, and accompanying CD.

I’ve heard brilliant things about the fear of flying courses, but didn’t have the money or time to put into this. The book covers the same principles, and helps give you reassurance on the safety of flying, and what all the technical jargon means, as well as the second section of the book being focused on anxiety and overcoming your fears.

The CD helps you put into practice the techniques covered in the book, with a few guided relaxation exercises.

I found it really helpful overall, and I think that it’s definitely given me some tools to use during the flight if I start to panic.

Stocked up on Rescue Remedy

I took a trip to Boots recently to stock up on some essentials for our trip, and whilst I was there I got some trusty rescue remedy for the flight.

Although I haven’t used it since I was a lot younger, I know that it is meant to really help keep you calm, and anything is worth a shot!

I will have it with me in my hand luggage, ready to use if I feel myself getting anxious.

Fly and Be Calm Audio Course

As well as using the fear of flying CD, I have also been listening to Fly and Be Calm, which is a programme recommended by the airline we are flying with.

I was kindly gifted the downloaded audio to listen to free of charge, but it is priced at £39.99.

The programme aims to turn the fear down and therefore help you to totally overcome your fears of flying (and any other fears you might have as you can put the techniques into practise with other issues).

The course includes an introduction, 3 hypnosis tracks and a click track, which aims to focus your attention elsewhere to prevent your fears from being present, with the use of clicking and tapping your fingers.

I will be honest, I don’t think I necessary gave the course enough of a chance to fully work, but, even from the first listen, the click track especially gave me a huge feeling of calm about the flight and I was able to focus on the parts I am looking forward to (being child free and able to enjoy a nice glass of champagne in peace).

I have been trying to slot the hypnosis tracks in as much as I can, and I think they are helping, but I would benefit a lot more if I had prioritised from the start and put more effort in myself.

I am hopeful that they will have helped calm me down to an extent, and I will be using them again in the future.

Negotiated Some Airline Upgrades

Due to an issue with our booking, we were offered extra legroom seats, which usually cost around £70 per person.

I am so glad we have these seats, as hopefully it will mean I will feel less trapped when I’m on the flight. Although we didn’t end up paying for them, I think the cost would be worthwhile if it helps.

I also messaged our airline to let them know about my fears, and we were given complimentary priority boarding, which means we can go through security faster, and be some of the first people to get on the plane, and able get settled before it gets too crowded.

This hasn’t cost us anything, and is worth enquiring about if you’re nervous.

Doctors Visit & Prescription

As a backup plan, I spoke to my doctor about my fears, and he prescribed me Diazepam, to take in preparation or during the flight if I feel I need to.

I am hopeful that this will not be necessary, as I’ve not heard amazing things about this medication, and also it would mean I wouldn’t be able to have a drink on the flight (which wouldn’t be great as we are being provided with champagne to celebrate our honeymoon).

I think it’s a good idea to have it just in case though, especially if the flight out is traumatic, as it means I can take it on the flight back and not spend my week away panicking about getting back home.

Have you got any other fail safe tips for a nervous flyer on a long-haul flight? Share them with me please!

I was provided the Fly and Be Calm audio course free of charge, but without any obligation to post about it. All other items were not gifted.

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