Mummy Mondays – Why We Opted for a Child-Free Honeymoon

With just a few days left until we fly to Mexico for our honeymoon, the reality that we are leaving our children behind whilst we go has started to hit me.

I have gone away without the older two before, and have spent a night away here and there from Benjamin in his almost 18 months of being around, but it’s always a bittersweet moment when it comes to actually leaving.

Some people who have had children prior to getting married decide to take them away with them as a family-moon. As I met Ed when I already had two children, we never experienced that heady ‘just the two of us’ time at the start of our relationship, where we got to go away wherever and whenever we pleased, and although I wouldn’t change a thing, as I am a firm believer that everything in life happens for a reason, I wanted to spend this one holiday as just us.

A honeymoon is the perfect excuse to go on an adventure, and although our plans to stay by the pool the majority of the time we are out there, aren’t exactly jaw-dropping, being able to do that just with my husband is kinda a novelty when you have three young kids.

Perhaps selfishly, I also wanted an actual break for our honeymoon, rather than spending half my time running after a tearaway toddler and supervising the older two whilst they are in the pool. I don’t want to have to get back to a hotel room for bedtime, I want to stay out late, drinking margaritas and lying in the sand underneath the stars.

I may be a mum, but I’m still me, and for one week, I want to celebrate becoming man and wife with Ed. I want to sleep in when we want, bask out in the sun all day, eat as much food and drink from the all inclusive restaurants as I can manage, and make memories in paradise which will last long enough for those days when we are back home and the kids are testing our patience.

Of course I will miss my kids, I will miss them like crazy. But I will come back home rested, and ready to be the best mum I can be once more.

We went for an adults only resort, which will give us peace and quiet we don’t always get at home with the kids around. The children will be happy and safe with relatives, and we will get the break we so need, to reconnect as a couple and spend some quality time together without work to distract us.

I am so looking forward to it!

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