What I’ve Been Reading this Month – March

I have had another busy month, having been working hard and scheduling posts in ready for whilst we are away in Mexico. I have managed to fit in some reading though.

The Daily Struggles of Archie Adams (Aged 2 & 1/4)

I’ve been meaning to read this book for ages, but didn’t get around to it before now. As we are going away without the children soon, I thought I would read something a little more lighthearted to remind me of how challenging being a mum can be sometimes… Like Katie’s first book, this follow-up is hilarious. This one is written from the point of view of Archie, and the illustrations totally crack me up, especially the sketch where Archie finds his parents snacking on chocolate, wine and crisps in front of the telly after he’s gone to bed – so relatable!

Flying with Confidence

I read this when I first bought it, but have been rereading it in preparation for flying out this week. I like that the book is split into two sections, the first of which explains the technical side of flying, and what things like turbulence are. The second section discusses the reason behind your fears, and gives you tools to help combat them, including breathing exercises you can try yourself. It’s a really interesting read, and I’ll be taking it along with me, to make sure I don’t forget the key techniques to calm me down.


I read another book by the same author a while ago, and really enjoyed it, so when I saw this one on Amazon, I knew I had to give it a read. I found this book a lot harder to get into, and it was very hard going, taking me longer than most books to get through. I just didn’t overly enjoy the first half of the book, and found the storyline drawn out and rather tiring at times. This one was a bit of a disappointment.

As I’ll be away at the start of this month, I plan to get through a good few books ready for next month’s roundup!

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