Our Family Weekend Away in County Durham 

On Friday afternoon, I picked Ed up from work and we headed over to my mum’s for some dinner before loading up the car and heading off on the journey up north to County Durham to visit my brother and his wife. 

We had decided it would be best to stop half way and stay overnight to break the journey up a bit so it wasn’t too bad and we arrived at the Days Inn at Leicester forest services at around 10.30pm. 

The next morning bright and early at 7am we set off again and we arrived a few hours later in Chester-Le-Street where my brother James and his wife Becky live.  

After some much needed bacon sandwiches, we did our Christmas present gift exchange and had a good catch up. James and Becky were meeting Benjamin for the first time, it was lovely to be spending time with them after a good few months of seeing them both. Becky is only weeks away from giving birth herself so it was also nice to chat with her about pregnancy and labour. 

Becky’s baby shower was that afternoon so we headed over to her friend Danielle’s house where she had put together a fantastic party with lots of yummy food and plenty of games and activities to keep us entertained. I won some delicious fruit jelly sweets for the bib decorating activity. 

After the baby shower we headed over to the Travelodge we were staying at and I got ready for the family meal with a glass of wine. The meal was at the adjoining pub – The Church Mouse. I wasn’t too sure about the starter I had – rustic breads with balsamic vinegar and olive oil as it seemed very bland and there wasn’t a good selection of bread, but the main was brilliant. I had the Hunters Chicken and the bacon was more like gammon, it was so thick and flavoursome. The night was filled with laughter and wine and I really enjoyed myself. 

The next morning we met up for breakfast before taking the dog for a walk and getting back on the road for the long journey back home. 

Halfway back we stopped off for pizza and donuts – my favourite combination. 

It was a lovely little trip away, I just wish we didn’t live so far apart. I can’t wait to go up next time to meet my little niece!  


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