Places to Visit in Somerset with Children

We recently went on a little staycation to Somerset with the children. It was a spur of the moment trip, booked only a week beforehand, so I hadn’t really looked into what there was to do in the area. Instead, we had a bit of a Google, whilst we were there and decided on a few places to visit. It was a really enjoyable break away, and I wanted to share the places we went to for anybody else visiting the area.

Willow and Wetlands Visitor Centre

We were staying nearby to the Willow and Wetlands Visitor Centre and decided to give it a visit. The visitor centre has a couple of shops and a cafe onsite, as well as guided tours and lovely countryside walks. We didn’t pay anything to visit, as we didn’t go on the tour, and it was a really nice activity.

Wells Cathedral

I always spent a lot of time visiting cathedrals and museums as a child and I love that the children have followed in my footsteps and enjoy exploring historical places too. We headed over to the village of Wells to look around its cathedral. The village itself is lovely, with a river running down from a well at the top of the hill. The cathedral itself is stunning. You don’t pay to go in as such, but you are advised and encouraged to make a voluntary donation.

Glastbonbury Abbey

As well as the now infamous Festival, Glastonbury is brilliant as a tourist destination, with lots of attractions to visit. The Abbey is fantastic, with an affordable entry fee, and the option to join a tour of the grounds free of charge.

As luck would have it, a family tour was just starting as we arrived, and nobody else joined us so we ended up with a private tour, which was a lot of fun.

The children loved learning all about the history of the Abbey, and it was interactive too, with the friendly guide helping the children pick vegetables to add to the kitchen display.

Glastonbury Tor

As well as the Abbey, Glastobury Tor is another popular tourist destination. This one requires a bit of stamina, as it involves a steep walk. The views from the top of the hill make the climb worth it, and its another free activity.

Chalice Well Trust Gardens

The Chalice Well Trust gardens are just at the bottom of the hill from the Tor, and I will say, they probably aren’t suitable for young children, as the majority of the gardens require you to stay silent, which might be tricky for little ones. Cameron and Carly came in with me and my mum, and they were so well behaved.

The gardens are really tranquil, and the children really enjoyed paddling in the water and exploring the flowers, wells and water features.

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