Planning An Energy Packed Wedding Day

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Energy is something we all want to flow through the biggest days of our lives. We want to look back on the moments that made us happy with a smile, knowing everyone else around us was feeling good too, and to be able to keep those positive feelings in our chest. And it’s the energy you feel on the day, the energy you both create and inspire, that makes sure this happens. 

So, when it comes to your wedding day, arguably one of the top five best occasions a person can celebrate in their lifetime, you’re going to want lots of positive and pumping energy around you.

With that in mind, there’s some great planning tips below if you’re looking to get anyone included in your nuptials fired up and ready.


Keep Everyone on Their Feet

It’s simple really: when people sit down, their bodies relax and chill out. When people sit down for long periods of time, their body finds it hard to get up and go again. And when people sit for hours on end, they might be getting a bit sleepy by the time you’re through with your vows!

So try to keep people on their feet for as long as possible, and as much as possible. Sure, let them take a seat if they need to, but make it more fun and active to be standing. Get them dancing, get them moving around and talking to each other, and put plenty of drinks in their hands if need be.

Make it Funny

Being funny is something a lot of people find hard to do, considering we all have different senses of humour and you won’t get everyone chuckling all at once. But if you know the people coming along to your wedding, you know the kind of jokes they appreciate – you can use this to your advantage!

Laughter wakes us up. So, make your vows humorous, if you’re a funny person yourself, and get people chuckling along with the procession. Play cheesy songs on the dance floor, and make sure the best man knows how to command the crowd.

Use Music to Pump You All Up!

When it comes to trawling through the best wedding bands out there, you’re going to want to hire a group that will help to inspire energy in your wedding guests. Playing strong music is definitely a good way to inspire confidence in the shy ones of the crowd, and might just get your Dad out for a dance as well!

You want a band that’s going to bring an atmosphere of positivity to your reception dance floor, and even to the walk you’ll be taking down the aisle. Sometimes a church organ just doesn’t cut it for those of us who like a good beat. 

An energy packed wedding day means you will want to stay on your feet for as long as possible, and you’ll not witness a boring moment. Hopefully, your guests won’t either!

This is a collaborative contributed post.

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