Wedding Wednesday – Planning our 2018 Honeymoon

Now we have finally confirmed with MSC the date of the cruise I won with them through Blog Camp on Board for the summer holidays, Ed and I can book our honeymoon. Expect to see lots of updates on this over on social media!

This break has been a long time coming, having got married back at the start of September last year.

We debated for a long time about when and where to go for our first holiday alone as man and wife.

At one point we were considering heading back to Santorini, but the prices, flight schedule and the fact that we had only just been were all putting us off a little.

Although Ed would have loved to have headed further afield, I absolutely hate flying, and the thought of a long haul flight was making me feel ill, plus when you factor in flight times, we wouldn’t have had much of a break as I wouldn’t want to be away from the kids for two weeks.

So, we have now pretty much decided on a week in Egypt, despite me having some misgivings. It is nice and hot, very good value for money, and both my dad and Ed have been previously and said how amazing it is out there.

We are looking to go in the Easter holidays, which means when we do finally get round to booking, it’ll only mean a wait of around 2.5 months! So excited!

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