Wedding Wednesday – Behind the Bride – Alex 

With Valentine’s Day yesterday, love is certainly in the air. This week’s Behind the Bride is with Alex from Better Together Home.

First of all, congratulations on your marriage Alex! When was the big day? 

Thanks Emma-Louise! We got married on the 1st September 2012 so celebrated our fourth anniversary last year.

Ah how lovely! Tell me a bit about yourself and your partner. When and where did you first meet? 

Scott and I have been together since I was 17 and he was 18 so a LONG time (they do say time flies when you are having fun!).

We met in East Street market where we both had weekend jobs – I worked in a leather store *nothing weird ha it was leather coats and jackets* and Scott worked on my uncle’s stall outside. The first thing I saw of him was his backside and I always joke that it was that view that made me fall in love 😉

I approached him first – offering to get him a tea when I did the tea run to the local cafe and honestly have never drunk so much tea in my life as I was forever heading off to get another cup just for an excuse to talk to him! We were friends for about six months before Scott plucked up the courage to ask me for my number on boxing day and gave me a quick kiss under the mistletoe; our first date was on the 4th January and from then on we were inseparable.

I fell pregnant with our daughter Lily-Rose a month after we got engaged and was 20 when she was born. We put off the wedding for a couple of years to save up after she was born so when we finally did tie the knot it felt even more special as we’d waited what felt like forever!

How did Scott propose? Or was it you who popped the question?

Oh gosh I hate this question as it’s super embarrassing! Basically I found the receipt for a ring in his drawer, popped down to the jewellers with my friend to have a nose and the jeweller was so excited that he insisted on giving me the ring to take home there and then as he ‘was sure I’d been eager to finally pick it up!’ Before I knew what was happening I was back home with the ring box in my handbag.

That night when Scott got home I cooked a nice meal and we went for a walk along the Southbank in London. When we got to this pretty bit of the riverside by the Oxo Tower which is all lit up at night and where we had gone on one of our first dates I asked Scott where he would propose to me if he ever did and he told me that we were in the precise spot he would pick.

At that point I gave him the ring box and said “well you can if you like” so he did! He was pretty annoyed as he hadn’t had a chance to plan it the way he had wanted to and I’ve always regretted being so nosy but at least he got on one knee and he’s super chilled so got over it quickly!!!

Tell me a bit about your big day. Where did you tie the knot? Did you have a theme or a colour scheme?

After a search through millions of venues we ended up getting married in our local church – St Peters in Walworth and having a reception in the church crypt (honestly not as creepy as it sounds ha!) which had just been renovated and was a blank canvas.

We went for a pink and grey colour scheme and the theme was ‘Better Together’ and was all about things that are better together (just like us!).

There were a lot of 1950’s, vintage, comic books and retro influences too which really reflected the things we love. Our tables were named after famous pairs such as ‘Fish and Chips’ or ‘Danny and Sandy’, we had a jukebox, an ice cream van, photo-booth and even a face painter for the kids as it was really important to us that they enjoyed it as much as the adults did.

What was your favourite memory from your day? 
A few really stand out – as soon as the ceremony was over I was complaining about my painful shoes; Scott showed just how well he knew me by whipping out my favourite converse for me to change into!

Then once the speeches were over and everyone was eating and the two of us snuck off with Lily to sit on the steps of the church in the sunshine and eat together.

Another was downing a tequila shot just before our first dance to ‘Earth Angel’ from Back to the Future and having our first dance merge into the Grease Medley which we acted out spontaneously!

Was there anything that didn’t go to plan? Or that you would perhaps have done differently?

I had a thing about the ugly blue plastic chairs at the venue and so hired nice banqueting chairs which then never turned up! I wish I’d not been so stressed about it on the day – nobody even noticed the chairs in the end anyway! Also I’d book my own transport as my mum booked it and messed up the timings so my car arrived three hours early and the driver was rushing us as he’d only been booked for an hour long slot – this caused a near on melt down in the morning!

Also I’d have had my dad go into the venue before I arrived and remove all the balloons my mum had added on her own steam despite knowing how much I hate them – it wasn’t a nice feeling walking into a reception room full of the bloody things!!

Do you have any advice for future brides to be? 

People laughed at my ‘OCD’ attention to detail in the run up to the wedding – everything from me colour coordinating the sweets for our sweety table, or my spending hours making up favours but on the day those were the things that everyone who knew us commented on such as the comic book badges the groom and his groomsmen wore, or the fact that our favours were teabags with our love story printed on them.

Have fun with your day – we aren’t a serious couple and we wanted our wedding to reflect that – also get your groom involved as much as you can, especially if you have one who is as eager as mine was to be involved; I definitely got carried away and didn’t involve him as much as I should have. Most of all – enjoy it! It’s true what they say the day really does fly past so take a minute out to sit down and really take it all in…

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  1. Devon Mama

    Love reading about other people’s weddings. Especially the proposal, that’s so sweet – not at all cringey!!


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    I love your engagement story! Very different.


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    What a lovely wedding! And he proposal I think is extra interesting how it all happened! Really sweet!


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    Lovely idea and gorgeous photos! So excited, especially as I’m becoming a bride myself this year!


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    What a nice post to share someone’s magical day


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