Completing our Bucket List One Valentine’s Day at a Time 

As you may know by now (because I keep banging on about it over social media), Ed has started a tradition where each Valentine’s Day he will arrange a surprise for me, something new that I haven’t done before. 

The first year it was horse riding, the second year (just after we found out I was expecting a little baby Benjamin), it was a shooting range. I love spending Valentine’s Day with him experiencing new things, but this year I was a little apprehensive as I worried what he could have planned. 

I’m not usually one for surprises, I’m the girl who writes a list every birthday and Christmas and I’ve even gone shopping for my own gifts to give back to my mum to be wrapped up… but there’s something liberating about giving total control over to somebody else, especially when that someone is the one you love. 
So, what was this year’s surprise? 

I had no idea, and didn’t try and find out from him. We headed off this morning to Basingstoke and it was only as we ‘reached our destination’ – thanks Mr Sat Nav- that I saw the indoor sky dive sign… I was pretty nervous, but it wasn’t until we were all suited up and had watched the briefing video and my turn was slowly coming round that I panicked. 

I hate enclosed spaces, I’m claustrophobic and I get very worked up when I feel I can’t escape from a situation. I have to sit on the end of an aisle in the cinema or theatre as I get panicky if I feel hemmed in. So being in a zero gravity chamber where the wind was so strong, it felt all wrong. 

I did try to do what I was meant to but then I panicked, and when I panicked I tensed up, lost the position I needed to float and instead fell to my back. I couldn’t cope with the feeling of a total lack of control. 

The instructor tried to get me back up and over but I needed to get out. I told Ed I wouldn’t do the second turn, but at the last minute I changed my mind as I didn’t want to regret not doing it. I lasted about 5 seconds before I lost it again, fell and this time grabbed onto the instructor for dear life (FYI don’t do that, it stops them from being able to help you as they can’t move). 

It was quite embarrassing but I’m still glad I did give it a go, even if I failed rather dramatically. It’s the taking part that matters, right? 

And at least it’s something else I can strike off the old bucket list. I don’t think I’ll be attempting jumping out of a plane anytime soon though… 


10 thoughts on “Completing our Bucket List One Valentine’s Day at a Time 

  1. Gosh! You are brave, I couldn’t have done that – I get claustrophobic too. I hate to think what my husband would come up with if I let him surprise me, I’m such a control freak I have to email him what I want for my bday etc ..


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