My Alternative Bullet Journal – How I’m Planning to Get Organised 

I’ve always loved notebooks. I tend to stockpile them, buying pretty ones and stashing them away, forgetting all about them without ever using them. 

When I first heard about bullet journals around a year ago I loved the concept. I bought myself a cheaper version and had a go at making it look like the ones I saw all over Pinterest. I didn’t quite succeed, and worse still, I didn’t keep it up! I wrote in it initially and then I stopped – #bloggerfail… 

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago when I saw the prettiest journal notepad in Sainsbury’s. I had to have it. Determined that it wouldn’t end up shoved in a drawer along with the other stationery, I decided to use it much like a bullet Journal, an alternative bullet journal if you will. 

I usually end up keeping all my notes on the app on my iPhone, which is fine, but I’m always worried about accidentally deleting them, and when I’m aiming to go tech-free one day a week, it isn’t ideal to be so reliant on my phone for my schedule. With three kids and a wedding to plan plus the blog to write, I wanted somewhere to get all my thoughts down in one place. 

My weekly to do list is a big part of my life, I check it before I make plans, and it’s important I know what Ed, the kids and I are doing at any one point. The weekly schedule is therefore a predominant part of the journal. I’ve put it on every other page with other sections breaking it up. 

During the lead up to the wedding I’ve got a section on weight loss and exercise to tone up ‘shredding for the wedding’ and I also plan to add in a weekly checklist of everything we still have left to do in the following weeks before the big day. 

I’ve been trying to get the children involved in chores lately, so I’ve added in a section to share them out amongst us, along with some treats if we all complete them each week. 

I meal plan each week and again, usually shove everything on the notes app of my phone. I’ve dedicated a double page spread of the journal for a fortnightly meal plan to keep track of everything. It’ll be useful to add in a shopping list down the side of things we repurchase weekly/monthly too e.g the essentials – bread, juice, apples and porridge for Ed. 

During my maternity leave I’ve been really working hard on my blog to hopefully take it to the next level by the end of the year. It can be hard to keep track of blog posts and collaborations with brands but this section should help. I’m awful at promoting my own posts after they go live, so I’m also planning to choose a post to share most days as well as new posts being published.


The journal has a long way to go, it’s mainly the bare bones at the moment, and I do want to add in some more colour as it is looking a little dull right now, but I’m already feeling so much more positive and motivated with my thoughts down on paper. There’s something so reassuring about a notebook full of plans. I’m looking forward to adding to mine, and hopefully this time I’ll keep it up! 


9 thoughts on “My Alternative Bullet Journal – How I’m Planning to Get Organised 

  1. I love journals , Filofax, notepads! I am slightly obsessed with buying them but never have the time or patience to finish them ! I must get organised 🙂 x good luck with the wedding x


  2. love journals! I have a filofax one that i try and use but life hah, I love the idea behind bullet journals but I dont have any time to sit down and do them x


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