The Perfect Bridal Look

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Being a bride means all eyes on you, and for some people, that’s either going to make you so happy or so terrified. If you have never really been the centre of attention all of the time, you might hate people to be looking at you. You’ll be no good at getting up and speaking in front of crowds, especially when they’re all there to watch and stare at you. But do you know what can help you to get over your fears? Having the perfect bridal look. The more sassy and incredible you feel, the easier it’s going to be for you to walk down the aisle with all of those people looking at you. That’s the best way for you to feel confident because for most women it’s just worrying about what everyone else’s opinion is going to be like. But it can be hard to know what the perfect bridal look is, or to even thinking about it if you’re so focused on everything else that you need to do to plan a wedding. So, we’re going to talk you through what we think the perfect bridal look is, and how you can make sure that you feel perfect on the day.


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The Perfect Dress

The dress is what most women are going to think about. It’s what most guests speculate about as well. When you see a bride walk down the aisle, the first thing you do is look at the dress and how beautiful they look in it. So you want one that’s going to tick all of the boxes for you and make you feel comfortable all day. You have to remember that your wedding day is going to be long, so you need to make sure that the dress is going to be comfortable for all of the dancing and socialising that you’re going to do. Think about length, the material, the style of the neckline, and whether you want sleeves or not. Think about the time of the year that you’re having your wedding and whether you’re going to be too hot with sleeves on.

The Perfect Accessories

Then it’s onto the accessories which are always going to make the perfect dress look even better. Accessories can be hard to decide on because they have to watch everything else that you’re going for. The colour of your bridesmaid dresses, the dress you’re wearing, and even your shoes. If you want to feel perfect everything has to be considered. But for a simple bridal look, which is the one that most women want to achieve, you just need to look into finding the perfect necklace for your wedding. You don’t need rings at a wedding, you don’t want to cast a shadow on your wedding ring. All you need is a nice necklace, some earrings, and a headpiece depending on the style you’re going for and whether a tiara would suit you. You really don’t need to overcomplicate a wedding look with a lot of accessories, it just won’t look right.

The Perfect Glam

The perfect glam is definitely one you want to plan far in advance so that you know you’re going to look and feel perfect on the day. If your makeup goes wrong you’re going to have a meltdown like no other, like you would any other day let alone your wedding day. The perfect glam look is all going to depend on you and what you like. Some women like to go all out with their makeup on a regular day, so something the look on a wedding day can be bold. If this suits you then go for it, just make sure that you have trial runs with the makeup artist of your choice to make sure that it all goes right. As for our hair, that’s all down to personal preference again. A good tip is to think about whether you want your hair out of your face for today, or if you’re desperate for that down hair look.

Preparing On The Day

Then you need to think about the day preparation, and for us, it’s all about making sure that you’re comfortable and pampered. Do facemasks, do foot spas, and have someone come in to give you and your bridesmaids a beauty treatment. Not only will it help to make you look and feel good, you’ll feel totally relaxed and pampered with your girls. You’ll also have perfect skin and hair ready for the makeup of the day. There is less chance of having to deal with breakouts.

This is a collaborative contributed post

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