Learning the Art of Pizza Making with The Stable Bournemouth

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On Tuesday evening, myself and a group of the other Bournemouth Bloggers headed over to The Stable Bournemouth for an exclusive ‘Pizza School’, where we would find out all about how the delicious Stable pizzas are made, with the chance to get hands ‘doughy’ (sorry, couldn’t resist) and make some ourselves too!

It was a lovely sunny evening and I enjoyed the walk through the gardens to get to the venue, which is just along from the Pavilion in the centre of town. Patrick, Executive Chef for The Stable, greeted us and explained the itinerary for the evening. He would be running the pizza school and we would then have the chance to top our own pizzas.

We got a drink from the bar (I know The Stable is known for its huge variety of ciders, but I went for a nice cold glass of Sauvignon Blanc) and congregated in an area that had been set aside for our, rather large, group of bloggers. It was really nice to catch up with people in the network whilst we waited for everybody to arrive.

Patrick got down to business and started running us through how The Stable make their own sauce for their bases on-site. Although he made it look easy, a lot of care and attention goes into making the sauce taste just right – there’s definitely an art to it.

Next, we were shown how the dough is made. Patrick was joined by Charlie, who helped explain the process of mixing normal yeast with their Sourdough starter, which they affectionately name Gerry, and needs to be fed regularly to be kept alive.

I loved how passionate both men were about the company. You could really tell they enjoyed what they were doing, and they really knew their stuff. Patrick was really accommodating for us and helped get the right angles for us take boomerangs throughout the presentation.

We had a little break to eat the nibbles that had been prepared for us and then it was time to get ourselves another drink and take some photos around the venue whilst the tables were reset for us to have a go ourselves.

Patrick demonstrated for us what we needed to do to top the pizzas but I may have gotten a little carried away when it came to adding cheese and toppings, and Charlie commented that my pizza might not look that great when it was cooked as it was so heavy. Fortunately it still tasted pretty amazing, if I do say so myself, and we sat and tucked into our creations whilst finishing our drinks.

The right way to top a pizza:

The wrong way to top a pizza:

It was such a fun, informative evening, and I loved finding out more about a brand I am a big fan of (it is a firm favourite for Ed and I when we get the chance to have a date night). It was really lovely to be given some behind the scenes insight, and I need to go back soon to try out some of the new items on the menu.

Image taken by Katie – My Best Make, on the

We were provided with complimentary drinks, nibbles and the pizzas, that we created on the night, for the purpose of this post, however all words and images are my own (unless credited). 

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