The Mousetrap – A Magnificent Murder Mystery

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Last night I went along to The Pavilion in Bournemouth to see Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap. My mum is a big fan of the Agatha Christie murder mystery books, and I read quite a few of them as a teenager, so I knew what to expect from the style but it was really interesting going to see one on the stage, as this isn’t something I had done before.

I decided to take along my eldest son Cameron as my plus one. He is almost nine but really into murder mysteries and crime thrillers already, and I knew it would be something he would find fascinating. He was really good throughout the whole show, watching intently and guessing who might be the murderer along with myself and some of the other Bournemouth Bloggers during the interval.

The set was brilliant, it really had you thinking you were in an old country guest house complete with paintings on the wall and the illusion of staircases and doorways that led to different parts of the building. Smoke and snow effects were used to add to the magic and the feeling of being cut off from civilisation, and the end result was an enthralling, slightly sinister setting for the action to take place.

The cast were fantastic, and worked really well together to bring the classic tale to life. The audience were laughing along with the  fantastic Christopher Wrien, who had an infectious laugh and just the right level of strangeness to be likeable. Cameron said he was his favourite character, and I think I would have to agree.

As the night goes on, you come to learn the secrets of the characters as the story twists and turns to lead you to the climatic ending. As for who did it? Well, that would be telling…

The Mousetrap is on at Bournemouth’s Pavilion Theatre until this Saturday 10th August. You can purchase tickets direct from the website or call 0300 500 0595.

Thanks to BH Live for our press tickets. All words are my own and images provided by BH Live. 

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