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Don’t you just hate shopping for back to school stuff when it feels like only a week since the children broke up for the summer? I always try and motivate myself to get it out of the way as early as possible so I avoid the crowds and the stress just before they go back to school. I’ve been working with some fantastic brands and have put together this shopping list to help with that back to school shop.

Uniform Staples

I always shop in the supermarkets for as much of the children’s uniform as possible. Their school insists on specially branded jumpers, cardigans and sports t-shirts but the rest I head to Sainsbury’s for when they have their 25% off clothing offer (usually in the summer holidays), as it just makes things so much cheaper. I wasn’t aware that Aldi did their own range of school uniform but I was recently sent across one of their pinafores, which is made with a soft jersey material and would be a great option for those on a tight budget.


I never understood my mum wanting all our shoes to be leather until I became a mum myself but now I totally understand it. Leather school shoes seem to last so much better than plastic, and the kids feet don’t smell by the end of week one! Wynsors offer well known and loved brands at discounted rates, and I am really impressed with the pairs of Kickers shoes for the kids that were sent over. They are going to look seriously smart when they go back to school.

School Bags

I swear every year the children are at school they seem to need more and more books, diaries and homework journals. This year I am prepared with bags from both Jim Bag and Room to Grow. This Blok bag from Room to Grow reminds the children of Minecraft, so they are obsessed, whilst Cameron is really happy with his bright orange bag from Jim Bag as it has a holder for his drinks bottle and a huge amount of space inside.


A certified stationery lover, I was always so excited going back to school after the summer holidays as it meant an excuse for new stationery. Working as a brand ambassador for STABILO, I have been sent a lovely selection of items for the children based on their ages (they even have items suitable for Benjamin, who is almost three and will be starting nursery this September). They have everything from essentials such as rubbers and pencil sharpeners to gel pens, felt tips and handwriting pens.


With all three children needing packed lunches come September, I am going to be making a lot of sandwiches up in the near future. I was sent across a gorgeous Pink Lining lunchbox from Kiddies Kingdom, which has an adorable pirate design and is nice and spacious for lots of yummy lunch time snacks.

I have also been sent the range of Toy Story 4 themed lunch items from Polar Gear including a brilliant little snack pot and lunchbox, which Benjamin absolutely loves.

Drinks Bottles

As well as the lunch and snack boxes, we were given a lovely Toy Story branded drinks bottle from Polar Gear, which Benjamin will be able to take with him to nursery when he starts.

Aldi also have a range of drinks bottles including this pretty unicorn design, which is nice and big, providing hydration throughout the school day.


Looking for healthy lunch box ideas? Gregory’s Tree provide fruit twists which come in handy individually wrapped bars, which can easily be popped in a lunch box or school bag to enjoy at school (I might take some with me to work when I start my new job as well).

Bathroom Cabinet Essentials

It is inevitable that at some point during a child’s time at school they will pick up something from the other kids. Headlice is a well known issue in schools and nurseries but there are products out there which can not only help detect and treat headlice, but also prevent children from getting them again. Hedrin products are available in most supermarkets and pharmacies.

Warts and verrucas are another common problem amongst school age children and Excilor 2 in 1 treatment is great to have to hand to help. Available in pharmacies.

Cleaning Products

I couldn’t put together a back to school shopping list without mentioning cleaning products. It can’t be just me that ends up doing so much more washing when the children are back at school and getting their uniforms dirty everyday. ACE provide a huge variety of cleaning solutions, many of which actually double up and work on both clothing and the house, which is perfect for busy parents! I have been using their power mousse on stains for several months now and love how quickly and easily I can get marks out of clothes.

Items featured have been gifted, however all words and images are my own. 

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