Beauty – An Evening with Lush Bournemouth

I have become a huge fan of Lush over the past couple of years, ever since I started to enjoy baths and I feel the two kind of go hand in hand. Although I have bought myself several bath bombs from Lush, I haven’t really paid attention to the rest of the products they have on offer. I was really excited to head along this week to a special event for the Bournemouth Bloggers as it was a chance for me to find out more about the brand whilst getting pampered at the same time.

Lush actually originated locally, with the Lush head office located in neighbouring Poole, so it was quite special to be heading to our local Bournemouth store for the evening. Lush always put 110% into their customer service and we experienced a very full on but hugely fun filled event with them. The enthusiasm the staff showed was incredible and everyone was so welcoming and friendly, even checking I had had a good time after several last minute drop outs had left me feeling a little deflated and nervous about the event itself.

We were greeted at the door with prosecco, so far so standard, but this time it was in a clean face mask pot – such a novelty! Lush’s ethos is very much about making everyone feel welcome, so they kept the doors open for awhile to allow anybody else to join us, which was quite cool.

The group gathered, we were introduced to the itinerary for the evening and started off with an ice breaker activity. Splitting into pairs, we were instructed to give each other an arm massage using the massage bars provided. I had never used a Lush massage bar before but really enjoyed it. It did make my fingers a little greasy for taking photos, though this is not something you would usually be doing after a massage to be fair. The massage bar we had been given smelt lovely and sweet and could be shaken to sprinkle something similar to shimmery talc to compliment the creaminess of the massage bar itself.

After our massages we were able to explore the store whilst taking in some of the interactive sessions on offer for the evening. First up was bath bomb making, something I have wanted to do for so long! It was actually simpler than I imagined, although the experienced staff definitely made it look easier than it was. I managed to make one that I was fairly happy with and we got to take our creation home with us in our goody bag at the end of the night.

Next up was cleanser making and this was a lot messier! We made the festive Buche de Noel, which has gold leaf in it! We got to take these home with us as well and I am intrigued to try it out as it isn’t something I would ever have thought to purchase from the store myself.

It was so lovely to be able to see all the halloween and Christmas range on display on the evening, and I may have slipped and purchased a few of the festive bath bombs before leaving the store as they just looked so good and I know they will be perfect for some much needed pampering over the next few weeks.

Before we left, we were given a lucky dip, where I managed to pick out one of their wash cards. It looked so odd, a bit like a stick of chewing gum, but it smells gorgeous (kind of like bonfire night in a scent) and I am looking forward to trying it out.

We were also asked to choose a gift for our partner from the ice breaking activity and I received the I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles bubble wand from Rachael. She must have overhead me saying how much Carly and I loved them.

On the way out we were spritzed with Snow Fairy body spray and I left the event smelling incredible! It was such a nice evening and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I have already heard good things about the Golden Wonder bath bomb I bought so I am sure I will be back soon for more goodies.

Lush not only provide gorgeous smelling cruelty free skincare, they also offer their own range of makeup, which includes some pretty awesome body and eye shimmers, which would be perfect for the festive parties coming up.

The Bournemouth Bloggers were invited along to Lush for a showcase of the Halloween and Christmas range of products, however all words and images are my own. 

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