Preparing for Halloween with Children

I am a huge fan of Halloween. Not only is it smack bang in the middle of arguably my favourite season of the year, but it is also a chance to dress up, have some fun and really enjoy all that autumn brings.

As a mum, I have enjoyed starting some halloween traditions over the past few years, which we can enjoy together as a family. This year I have put together a little post on how I have been preparing for Halloween with children.

Picking Pumpkins  

I am a big fan of our local pumpkin picking patch and shout out about them on social media often. If you are local to Bournemouth, definitely head over to Sopley Farm for your pumpkins.

Last year they had sold out a couple of days before halloween, so make sure you head over early enough to pick a good one!

We have been already to grab a few for the children to have fun decorating and will be getting some more to carve and put outside the front door on halloween!

Stocking up on Spooky Treats 

Ok, I will admit, one of the reasons I love halloween so much is the sweet treats on sale at this time of year. There are some awesome spooky versions out of our favourite sweets and chocolate lately including the brilliant (and totally tasty) Cadbury’s Goo Heads range (a little like creme eggs and creme egg minis but without the yellow fondant).

We also had a special delivery from bakerdays – one of their letterbox cakes with lots of creepy creatures on it. It would have been the perfect cake for our halloween party, if we hadn’t of eaten it all up almost as soon as it came through the door!

Flying Tiger also sent over some fantastically freaky pumpkin chocolates as well as lollies with spiders and their webs on them.

Deciding on Decor 

I love getting the house ready for our annual halloween party and go all out with the decor including skeletons in the windows, cobwebs hanging from the ceiling (ok, some are a little too authentic, must get the duster out more) and fake blood splatters on the table tops.

I was sent some brilliant bits from Flying Tiger to help prepare for our party this year, including their coffin snack boxes (perfect for holding your spooky sweets), a pumpkin bucket with sound and light and a ghost garland which will look perfect hanging over the buffet.

Booking Themed Events 

As well as pumpkin picking and our party, we like to find other themed activities and events to take the children to over halloween. This year I have been invited along to try out a Halloween Rave with Raver Tots, who host family friendly raves around the UK and have a number of themed events planned for halloween.

We will be heading over to the event in Bournemouth and are looking forward to letting the children dance off all the energy from those halloween treats I mentioned earlier!

Preparing Frightening Freakshakes 

What better halloween party beverage than a freakshake? These ones were made using a recipe from Shaken Udder, who kindly sent over some of their brilliant milkshakes.

I am not a huge fan of milk, flavoured or otherwise, but Ed and the children had great fun with these and we will be making them again for the party! You can use any sweets you like for decoration but I would highly recommend getting your hands on something creepy to complete the look (we used some of the halloween Haribo).

How are you and your family preparing for Halloween? I would love to hear your favourite halloween traditions! 

We were sent the items featured in this post, however all words and images are my own. 

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