5 Reasons I Love Having Friends Who Blog 

When I first started blogging back in 2011, I was part of a big online group with lots of other girls who had also recently set up blogs. It was lovely to feel such a sense of community and I must admit, I struggled a bit when it came to setting up this blog in 2015 as I didn’t really know anybody else who was blogging at the time.

Over the past 9 months, I have made several new friends, all of whom are bloggers, and I am really loving having that support network back that I missed from when I first started out. There’s something extra special about finding friends who share a passion for the same thing as you and I wanted to talk about the reasons I love having friends who blog. 

They Understand

It can be really difficult for friends who don’t blog to understand when you are feeling upset or proud about something to do with blogging. Although other friends do support me, it can be hard to explain certain aspects of the blogging world to those not a part of it.

I know that if I manage to secure a sponsored post or a company pays me for images I have taken that my group of blogging friends will totally understand how pleased I am, and how big a deal it is to me. They will also know what to say if I have issues with my website, or if I get passed over for an opportunity I really wanted.

Whereas other friends might roll their eyes a little when we go out for a meal and I start snapping away at my food before taking a bite, blogger friends will be there taking photos too. They totally get me, and I don’t feel I have to hide that side of me when we hang out. 

We Can Help Each Other

Not only do my blogger friends understand all aspects of blogging, but they are also happy to help me, just as I am happy to help them. We’ve put each other forward for opportunities, discussed fees we’ve been paid, and explained blogging terms and SEO to help improve each other’s sites.

Although I would never expect a friend to do anything for me, it is lovely that we do, and I am so grateful for the opportunities I have had thanks to other bloggers. 

The Photo Shoots

I couldn’t write this post without mentioning my recent photo shoot with the lovely Ciara.

Usually photos of me to use across social media and the blog are taken by my eldest son Cameron, or an unwilling Ed, and although they have taken some lovely shots of me in the past, I have always felt rushed and not really enjoyed these shoots.

When Ciara and I met up, I took a few changes of clothes and we made a really fun day of it, moving between different locations and taking it in turns to take photos of each other.

I am so pleased with the photos that Ciara took of me, and it’s given me a good stock of images to use on Instagram.

I am planning more shoots with Ciara and our other friends as well in the future as other bloggers not only get the desire to have nice shots taken, they also tend to know what you are looking for from the image and as a result, the photos come out better! 

Attending Events 

Lots of blogging events don’t allow for plus ones due to number and/or space constraints. I would have been so nervous attending events in the past on my own, but these days I not only run the local blogging network, I also consider a lot of the bloggers as friends.

Image: Matt Pinner

This has had a huge impact on my self confidence, and has allowed me to enjoy the events I attend that little bit more, safe in the knowledge that people I know will be there as well. 

We Support Each Other 

I have touched on this above, but it is lovely to be a part of a group of friends who not only tell each other well done, but who show their support constantly by liking photos on Instagram, interacting with posts on Twitter, reading blog posts and watching YouTube videos.

It is lovely to see these friends succeed, and I am so pleased that blogging has introduced me to them. 

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