Style – Trying to Regain My Clothing Confidence

Last week I made a rather large ASOS order. It was jam packed full of clothes for the new season, and I was really excited when the parcel was delivered, as I had picked a few things that would help update my autumn/winter wardrobe.

I tried the clothes on at my mum’s house, so that she could help me decide on what suited me as Ed was away. One by one I tried on the items of clothing, and one by one they were replaced into their packaging to be returned.

I didn’t keep one thing from my order. None of it suited me. It all looked awful in my opinion and, although tactful in her comments, I knew my mum agreed that the clothes I had gone for did not flatter or suit me in the slightest.

The problem is, over the past year I have gained a fair amount of weight and, as a result, my entire body shape has changed. I don’t necessarily think it’s bad that I have gained the weight, although I don’t currently feel healthy and am making some changes accordingly, but what I have found is how challenging it is to shop for new clothes when I am not feeling confident about my body.

I have no idea what my clothes size currently is, mainly because it differs from shop to shop, but I do know that the clothing I ordered in a size 10 did not look right on my body.

After I had returned the ASOS order, I vowed not to order clothes online again. However, I then came across a discount code valid for a few days only, offering 20% off at New Look. I absolutely love New Look and have done ever since I worked there as a teenager. I decided to give it another go and ordered myself several more items from their ‘New In’ section.

This was delivered to my mum’s house whilst I was away with Ed for our wedding anniversary, and I tried it on once we were back home. This time, I had taken my time when ordering and really tried to think about what would suit my body shape as it is now, rather than relying on styles that had suited me a year or more ago.

I tried on the clothes in front of Ed, who is really good at being honest with his opinions rather than just saying everything looks good. I ended up keeping around half of the items I had ordered. Some were still very unflattering, but rather than dwelling on this, I tried to focus instead on how nice the items I was keeping looked.

There were a mix of cosy knits and autumnal wardrobe staples, as well as both a coin purse and scarf in the print of the season – leopard print. I have since also gone to Primark and picked up more clothes, shoes and accessories to finish my autumn wardrobe off.

Although I am still planning on shaking up my current food and fitness plan (which has largely consisted of eating whatever I wanted all summer, whilst not exercising at all), I am trying to regain the confidence about my body I found last year.

I think that regardless of size, it is your confidence that makes an outfit look good, and I hope that I can go into the new season with a confidence to go with my new clothes.

Do you have any body confidence tips? Are there any secrets to knowing how to dress your body shape? 

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