Wedding Wednesday – Celebrating Our First Wedding Anniversary in Devon

Last Sunday marked a year since Ed and I got married in beautiful Santorini. Although we would have absolutely loved to have gone back for our anniversary, the dates just didn’t work out for us with Ed going back to work the next day, so instead we had booked a little weekend away in the UK so that we still had some time as just the two of us to celebrate.

My mum very kindly looked after the children for us and on Saturday morning we headed off on the two and a half hour car journey to a little village called Chagford in Devon, where we had booked a night in a country inn. As we had set off a little later than we originally intended, we were both quite hungry and decided to stop off in Exeter on the way.

We had actually done the same thing the last time we stayed in Devon a few years ago, and we ended up in the same branch of Las Iguanas, as the food is always nice there. We had booked dinner in the hotel for that evening, so we only planned on having something small, but the lunch menu was such good value we ordered a starter to share and mains.

I originally ordered the chicken burrito but a mix up meant I ended up with the enchiladas instead. I didn’t mind as I like them both, and they were actually really delicious. Unfortunately the service was really slow, but the staff couldn’t be more apologetic, and even gave me another drink on the house.

Back on the road again, we soon arrived in Chagford, and first impressions of the hotel were good, it looked so warm, cosy and inviting. Sadly the welcome we received wasn’t brilliant, and as the stay wore on, we came across more issues, which did taint the stay for us.

We ended up going for a little drive just after we arrived and discovered another local hotel, Bovey Castle, which was a few minutes down the road. Although I’m not sure our budget would have stretched to it, we couldn’t help thinking the weekend would have been much nicer had we of stayed there instead. We did head in to take a look around, and took some photos in the absolutely beautiful grounds before heading back to the inn to grab a drink before dinner.

I won’t dwell on the negatives from our stay, as I want this to be a post about celebrating our first year together rather than a somewhat disappointing hotel stay, but dinner and breakfast were not great, which is a shame as we are both big food fans, and had been looking forward to treating ourselves over the two days.

After dinner, we spent the evening chatting, drinking and watching Sarah Millican and Pitch Perfect in our room and, although it might sound a bit lame, it was a really lovely end to the evening for us.

The next morning we managed to have a bit of a lie in before exchanging cards and heading down to breakfast.

We decided to explore the local area a bit after checking out of the hotel. We were in the middle of Dartmoor, which is absolutely picturesque and we got in the car and soon found a spot to stop and take some photos amongst the heather.

There were so many animals roaming around, it was really nice to take everything in and enjoy being out in nature. The lack of service also meant I wasn’t permanently attached to my phone, apart from to take some photos, which was refreshing.

We stopped at another beauty spot, which was so pretty but so hard to get a shot of as everybody kept going up on the bridge for selfies (myself included)!

We decided to head home to avoid too much traffic, and on the journey back we chatted about anything and everything, really taking the time to catch up and reconnect without the distraction of three kids being in the back seat.

It was a really nice break away, despite the issues with our accommodation, and we rounded things off with a bottle of Prosecco and an Indian takeaway. Bliss!

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