Trying out Virtual Reality with Centre VR

In case you haven’t realised by now from reading my blog, I am the least likely person to enjoy anything to do with gaming. I haven’t owned any kind of gaming equipment since I had the Wii Fit and my mini PS2 (it was pink, so cliche).

Although I did enjoy the odd game of Spyro and 40 Winks (such a fun game), I will be the first to put my hands up and admit that gaming isn’t really my thing. So it came as a bit of a surprise when, after being initially invited along to the soft launch by the team at Bh2, I really enjoyed myself at the new Bournemouth branch of Centre VR.

The venue is located opposite Miller and Carter, in the popular Bh2 Leisure complex in the centre of town. When myself, Ed and Ciara arrived for the soft launch, we discovered that in fact the proper launch had been pushed back due to technical issues. We still managed to try out the fantastic Tower Tag game though, which Ciara and I totally didn’t get to start with, and were pretty awful at.

I had worried about how I would cope wearing the headset required for Virtual Reality games, as my anxiety flares up when I feel trapped, something I assumed I would experience during the game. Fortunately, after an initial panic, I was absolutely fine with the headset on, and once the game got going, I really enjoyed myself and got extremely competitive.

Centre VR officially launched a couple of weeks ago and this week I got the chance to return for another game of Tower Tag, along with some of the other Bournemouth Bloggers. I was very excited to try and improve at the game, but unfortunately, although Ciara managed to get the hang of it, I was still pretty awful and just kept getting shot!

After a few games we were asked if we wanted to try out some of their individual player games as well, and we jumped at the chance.

I found flying a plane really bizarre. Initially I kept crashing, but after awhile I managed to get the hang of it a little, and I found the passenger jet the easiest to control. It was really odd to feel like I was really in the cockpit and the game is almost a little too realistic as I ended up feeling quite sick! Luckily the staff were on hand with ginger biscuits to ease the nausea and I was soon feeling better again and able to try out some more of the games on offer.

Whale watching was such an incredible experience. We all gave it a go and one by one jumped out of our skin when the whale appeared, it’s just so much bigger than you expect up close!

I found exploring the Titanic shipwreck totally mesmerising – it was just like stepping into the initial scenes of the film, and I think this would be amazing to play at home on your own as it goes really in depth (no pun intended).

The last game I tried involved going up in a lift and then walking a plank and believe me, it is as petrifying as it sounds! It was so strange to know you were walking on the floor and yet feeling the sensation of being on a thin plank of wood suspended high in the air and able to fall at any time! The game also lets you walk out into thin air with a jetpack on your back and flay up over the buildings whilst sky writing, totally incredible.

The whole night was just so much fun, we all had a proper laugh and the time just passed by in a flash. I can’t wait to go back and try even more of the games on offer, and to give the second Bournemouth venue a go when it opens in November.

If you are intrigued by Virtual Reality, and looking for something a bit different to do with friends, family or as an alternative date night, I would highly recommend a visit to Centre VR.

Their headsets are some of the newest on the market and the quality of the games are fantastic. Centre VR also currently have a pop up venue in Portsmouth and will soon be opening in Southampton.

I’ve included some of Centre VR’s promo images so you can get a bit of an idea of how the games look when you’re in them…

Image: Centre VR
Image: Centre VR
Image: Centre VR
Image: Centre VR

I have been invited along on two occasions to try Centre VR on a complimentary basis, however opinions and images, unless credited, are my own. 

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