Wardrobe Staples – The Black Blazer

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I have been trying to sort through my wardrobe over the past few weeks, to try and declutter. I have so many clothes and barely wear a lot of them, so it is definitely time for a clear out. I have been meaning to start a capsule wardrobe for a long time, having fewer clothes that can be worn in different ways to limit the need to buy more.

A wardrobe staple I couldn’t be without is a plain black blazer. I used to have one and misplaced it whilst on holiday and have been looking for a replacement ever since. Sumissura asked if I would like to choose a blazer from their website, I was more than happy to oblige as you are able to create the blazer you want, choosing everything from the length to the material, right down to how many buttons it has. You can even choose to change the colour of the lining and stitching, so you know you are going to have a unique jacket, that is totally to your taste.

The best part? Sumissura also tailor your blazer, based on your measurements or height and weight, if you don’t have these to hand. It means that not only do you receive an item of clothing that you will love, it will also fit you perfectly (or the company will organise free remake if it doesn’t fit).

I had a lot of fun designing the blazer I wanted on the easy to use website. It was so simple, I was even able to use my phone to go through each step and create the order. I received the blazer through the post a few weeks later (there was a small delay due to covid-19), and I was really happy with the style and quality, as I knew I would be, having worked with Sumissura previously, where I received a trench coat.

I love that the blazer can be worn over a dress on a night out, for dinner or drinks, or over an outfit to smarten it up for work. Blazers are fantastic for dressing up an outfit, I sometimes wear one with a pair of jeans and a simple top with heels. It is just such a versatile item of clothing, and one I would definitely recommend for a capsule wardrobe.

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