Hair and Beauty Treatments Post Lockdown

Last week I finally managed to have my haircut and highlighted at Elite in Winton, having booked my appointment tentatively before the lift on restrictions had even been announced. I decided to book for mid July, to give things a chance to settle a little after the salons initially reopened, and I am glad that I did as it meant that my hairdresser had the chance to get used to the new procedures before my visit.

I had booked for 3.15pm on a Wednesday, after being at the office for the day, and it was a really chilled experience, different to what I had been imagining. There was only one other customer in the salon the whole time I was there (my appointment was three hours as I had a whole head of highlights and a cut and blow-dry). As well as the two hairdressers, there was one other member of staff manning the phones and helping out. That was it. The salon felt clean, safe and well ventilated, with the door open and letting in a gentle breeze.

My hairdresser was wearing a face visor, but we were still able to talk throughout the appointment. I did find it a bit weird having a disposable apron on, as opposed to the style I was used to pre-lockdown, but it was fine. I still had heat on my hair, a head massage during my hair wash, and curls to finish. It was all very similar to before, with the added bonus of feeling extra clean and safe.

The next day, I had my nails done with Beauty by Jasmine, who I had been visiting on a semi-regular basis before lockdown. Jasmine is so lovely, I find I can chat to her the whole time, like being with an old friend. I was a bit unsure how we would be able to keep up the conversation whilst both wearing masks, but I need not have worried, they are actually easier to speak in than you initially think, and we were soon chatting away as normal.

Again, Jasmine’s treatment rooms felt safe, and I came out with a big smile on my face, really pleased with how my nails looked and loving that feeling of regaining a little slice of ‘normality’ again. I can’t wait to have my nails done again, and have booked for me and my mum to have them done on the same day at the end of August.

If you are still on the fence about visiting the hairdresser or beauty salon, definitely wait until you feel ready. I would have had no problem in postponing my appointments if I wasn’t 100% about going. I did feel really safe and looked after during my two visits, and I would say that the procedures that are in place don’t take anything away from the experience, but does work to reassure you.

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