Small Gestures of Kindness You Can Do Today

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Although lockdown is now easing, at least in most parts of England, it is still a stressful time, with plenty of external pressures on many people. I know I have struggled, at times, to cope with all the changes and this ‘new normal’ that we now face. It is important now, more than ever, to be kind to others and to show compassion for how they may be feeling. Small gestures, to show how much you care for loved ones, can make all the difference right now. Here are some ways to make somebody smile without needing to break the bank.

Send a Card

Cards don’t have to be reserved for birthdays and special occasions. Why not send a card just to let somebody know you are thinking of them? Personalised cards are a fantastic way to make a small gesture. You could choose to send a small gift along to – who doesn’t love receiving a present through the post. My family are spread across the UK, so it is nice to feel connected, even when we can’t see each other in person.

Pay it Forward

I love the pay it forward movement, and try to take part whenever possible. You can really make somebody smile by doing something unexpected such as paying for a stranger’s shopping or dropping some flowers round to a neighbour who hasn’t been able to get out during lockdown. My mum has been buying me a bar of chocolate in her food shop every other week for the past month or so and this definitely raises a smile after a stressful day.

Run a Bath

If your partner has been having a hard time, or is finding life particularly stressful right now, run them a bath and encourage them to take some time for themselves. I suffer from anxiety and am often so concerned with my own mental health struggles that I overlook my husband’s stress. It is important to support each other and even a small gesture like running that bath or taking over the cooking can make all the difference.

Give a Friend a Call

I am awful, and I mean really awful at speaking on the phone. I just have a block when it comes to talking to people, even my own mum, and often rely on text and social media messages when I am not around my loved ones. Lockdown has helped force me to speak on the phone and over video call a bit more, but I am still bad at speaking on the phone to my friends. Pick up the phone and schedule in a good time to have a proper catch up. If you live nearby, why not arrange a walk around the local area or a cup of coffee, now you are able to visit cafes. Just talking to those you love can really help, especially if you are struggling with everything.

These acts, although small, can make a real difference to somebody’s day. Why not give it a go and see how many people you can help smile?

This is a collaborative post, however all words are my own. 

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