Simple Ways to Restore a Home

With Ed’s new job starting this week, and a house move most definitely on the cards in the not very far future, I have been researching into the properties we will be able to afford when looking to buy.

As a family of five, we will need a house big enough to accommodate us all, and we may need to look at older properties in need of a little refurbishment to keep to our budget.

I’m not afraid to take on a challenge; when my family first moved to the area we live in, my mum bought a house that needed a fair bit of work doing, and it was rewarding to see the transformation.

If you are looking to do up a property, or just fancy a little home improvement, these are some ideas to get you going.

Freshen Up Windows & Doors

When renovating a property, work is usually prioritised for the rooms inside the house first and foremost, and sometimes the outside is neglected.

The front of your property is the first thing you and your guests will see when you arrive. Upgraded windows and doors can make all the difference, and The Restoration Group have you covered when it comes to restoring uPVC windows and doors (they also offer conservatories).

Painting uPVC windows is a simple and effective way of tidying up the exterior of your home, and the results are fantastic.

New Blinds or Curtains

Another way to really transform a property both outside and inside, is updating your blinds or curtains. I must admit, I prefer blinds to curtains generally, as I find they look sleeker, and give a more modern finish to a home.

Having said this, blinds come with their own safety issues if you have a young family like myself. Always ensure that you know the risks and have undertaken proper safety precautions around children.

A New Bathroom

I have mentioned before the fact that I want a freestanding bath. In fact, I think the room I am most excited about when we have our own place is the bathroom.

I absolutely love a nice hot bath with a good book and a glass of wine, and being able to relax and enjoy a proper pamper in a nice tranquil environment is the dream. A new bathroom is definitely high up on the list when it comes to home improvement for me.

Add a Skylight

The property we are living in currently is lovely, don’t get me wrong. It is absolutely fantastic in terms of location, and it is nice and spacious, meaning we don’t feel too hemmed in, even with the three children running riot at times. However, one thing I really do miss having is skylights, which we had in our previous home.

There is something so nice about throwing open the skylight when the weather is nice and, suffering from claustrophobia, I find it reassuring being able to look up and out whenever I want.

Install New Lighting

Again, there is nothing necessarily wrong with the lighting in our current property, but I think it’s a very personal thing, and not necessarily something the previous owner and yourself are going to agree on when it comes to buying a property.

Lighting has come so far these days, with some even being able to pair up with your smart devices to switch on and off or dim without the need to even press a switch.

Even if you aren’t quite ready for technology to take over just yet, there are lots of options to suit every style and budget. I personally would love to have studio style lighting installed, as it would really help with my blog photography during the darker winter months!

This is a sponsored post, however all words are my own.

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