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I remember seeing a post by Chloe at Lady Writes Blog a little while before Christmas where she featured the StylPro Brush Cleaner and I thought to myself ‘I have to have that’.

Luckily, when Ed’s parents asked him what I would like for Christmas he remembered this, and I was so excited to unwrap it!

I didn’t get round to using it for a few weeks, but now I have, there’s no going back. I spoke about my old brush cleaning routine a while ago, and although it worked for me, using the StylPro is quicker and so much less faff!

The brush cleaner is made up of a few parts – a little plastic bowl, which looks like something a goldfish would live in, only smaller, a handheld black device, and a range of heads to be attached to this dependant on the size of your makeup brush. The StylPro comes with batteries included, and is fairly easy to assemble, and straightforward to use.

Saying this, I did get a bit confused as to whether I needed to add water to the brush cleansing solution when washing non water soluble makeup off of brushes (I didn’t). However, for brushes used with water soluble makeup, you can simply clean them with any antibacterial soap mixed with water, no need for the solution.

The StylPro comes with two 10ml sachets of cleansing solution and I must admit, I think this is pretty stingy, especially as I used these to clean two brushes (they suggest between 10-15ml of solution to get brushes clean).

Luckily I had also purchased myself the 500ml version of the solution, so I will hopefully have enough to get me by for awhile now. This solution isn’t cheap though, costing around £20 per bottle. The StylPro itself is £50, so I really do think they could have included a bottle of solution with the initial purchase.

Cost issues aside, I love how useful the StylPro is. No longer do I have to schedule in my brush cleaning, as you can have your brushes clean, dry and ready to use again within minutes! This product may seem a bit gimmicky, but I can’t deny that it’s a game changer for regular makeup wearers like myself.

I was intrigued to see just how clean the brushes were, after only being washed for seconds. To clean the brushes, you simply pop the brush into the appropriate head, attach this to the handheld device and put it into the bowl, making sure the brush is in the solution/soapy water before switching it on.

The brushes did come out looking almost as good as new, with my only issue being that the amount of solution I used (as advised) didn’t come up high enough to get some of the makeup at the very base of my foundation brush. However, it did take a little longer than advised to get my foundation brush clean, although I think this was largely down to how long it had been since I had last washed that particular brush.

I wear Estee Lauder Doublewear foundation daily, and I must admit, for a hard wearing, heavy foundation, the StylPro did manage to get my brush looking clean again. The proof is in the solution, which turned a very lovely shade of cafe au lait when I was through with it.

To dry the brushes, you simply lift them out of the solution (or soapy mixture), making sure the brush stays in the bowl. The StylPro then just spins it to air dry, and you’re good to go.

I was a bit concerned that the contents of the bowl would end up all over me much like using a blender without the top on (I had chosen to use it whilst wearing a lovely cream coloured jumper), but as long as you follow the instructions and ensure the brush stays in the bowl whilst switched on, you’ll be fine.

I will be using the StylPro from now on to get my brushes clean. Used regularly I am confident that they will be clean and dry within the advertised time frame, and I would definitely recommend a purchase if you’re still on the fence. It may be pricey, but the results and ease of use are worth the cost, in my opinion.

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15 thoughts on “Beauty – StylPro Brush Cleaner Review

  1. Lana

    OH my goodness!!!! I am so happy to hear that this product actually works. I hope I can get my hands on one very soon.


  2. Joyce Lau

    I have been waiting for this! I really want this brush cleanser x


  3. Chloe

    I’ve wanted to try one of these for the longest time because I hate washing my brushes! Your review has sold me!


    1. emma_lou

      Ah that’s great – it really is so much easier! x


  4. Charlotte Lane

    I soo need one of these in my life! I’m super lazy when it comes to cleaning my brushes and I know that’s really bad.. This would help me out a lot because it sounds easy to use and would take a lot less time and I’m lazy, so anything that takes less time for me is a winner in my books 🙂 xo

    Char |


    1. emma_lou

      Haha totally! I’m all about things to make less work for me! x


  5. Prettiful Blog

    I need this in my life! I end up using new brushes instead of washing the old, hahahaha!


    1. emma_lou

      I’m the same! x


  6. Heather

    It looks amazing – I have so many brushes that need washing x


  7. Chloe Dickenson

    I love how thorough this review is Emma, you’ve really sorted out all the pros and cons of the Stylpro brush cleaner! I certainly think that it sounds like a really interesting product but I can agree that the price may be a little steep! xx


  8. shelley

    I love the idea of these brushes! I need a good kick up the bum to clean my brushes regularly


  9. Gemma

    Ooo I need one of these in my life! Washing brushes is such a chore x


  10. Hannah

    Oh wow! I need to get myself one of these bad boys! X


  11. Lady Writes

    I love this! Mine has made my whole cleaning routine so much easier! And it’s fun using it x


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