Reading to our One Year Old – The Birthday Thief 

I have always loved reading, from a young age I could be found with my head buried in a book. Having a parent who was a teacher, I was read to a lot as a child and I try and read as much as possible to my children as well. 

Cameron and Carly love to snuggle up with a book before bed, but reading to Benjamin has been a little harder since he became mobile, as he doesn’t tend to sit still for long enough to make it through a whole story. 
I’ve been really enjoying collaborating with Wonderbly, on a series of book reviews recently (you can read our review of The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home here), so when we were offered a copy of The Birthday Thief for Benjamin’s first birthday, I thought it would be the perfect book to encourage Benjamin to enjoy story time. 

As can be expected, on his actual birthday, Benjamin was far too excited with his noisy and bright toys to sit still and listen to his new book, but we managed to sit down with him to read it a few days later, when he was nice and calm after a feed. 

One of the great things about Wonderbly’s books is that they are personalised. Even at one years old, Benjamin knows his name, and he smiled whenever we read it out throughout the course of the story. 

It’s not just the main character that’s personalised, the book is different depending on the month your child is born in. As Benjamin has an October birthday, in the story he met Duke October, but a child with a June birthday, for example, would have met Lord June instead. I love that so much thought and effort has gone into making the story so unique. 

I loved the premise of the book, with a child searching for their stolen birthday, and the message is really important – ‘it’s everything you learn and do in the days between that matters’. It actually made me feel a lot better that Benjamin’s birthday didn’t really go to plan, as we can make it up with lots of fun days throughout the year. 

As always with Wonderbly’s books, the illustrations were fantastic, and Carly and Cameron enjoyed looking at the pictures and hunting out Benjamin’s birth date and year! 

Priced from £16.99, the book is suitable for a range of ages and I personally think it’s the perfect gift for a first birthday, and I’m confident Benjamin will continue to enjoy the story for years to come. 

We were sent a copy of The Birthday Thief for the purpose of this review, however all opinions and photos are my own. 

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8 thoughts on “Reading to our One Year Old – The Birthday Thief 

  1. We're going on an adventure

    Oh what a gorgeous book – the illustrations are gorgeous!


  2. Amy @ The Smallest Of Things

    Ahh I love this. Personalised books are my favourite. Baby L got one very similar for her 1st birthday and it was one of the best presents by far!


  3. Abbie - Lilypad & Bow

    Looks like a lovely book! I love the personalised touch xx


  4. emilyandindiana

    I love their book (we have the Lost My Name versions!), such a special keepsake! x


  5. Tanita

    I love the illustrations in the book. Your little one looks like he loved it. Books are so lovely for them. I have always read to my two and its time they really enjoy with me. xx


  6. Shell

    I love personalized books for children! This one looks absolutely wonderful and Happy birthday to your little one!!!


  7. Emily Nellist

    Oh this looks amazing!! We’ve not got this one but we love wonderbly, such a great company. Loving the extra personalisations for each month too.


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